Friday, July 04, 2008

el jacuzzi vive

I do believe that my hot tub is toying with my superstitions.

I called yesterday to set up a repair appointment for the hot tub for next Tuesday. Just out of fun (because I do not really believe that inanimate objects have recuperative powers), I pushed what was a non-responsive button this morning. It engaged and the pump to the filter started up.

Of course, I cannot call off the repairman. Holiday tomorrow. Not open on Saturdays. Need 48 hours to cancel.

But, I am happy to be in hot water again -- as soon as it warms up. I think I did see Maria Callas dart out the back gate earlier today.


Anonymous said...

50 pesos says it dies before next Tuesday.


Babs said...

What can I say - HOT WATER is a good thing?

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- In my dining-reading hot tub, it is.

Horst -- One day at a time.

1st Mate said...

So how are you going to get that jacuzzi down here? And yes, there are times of the year in Mexico when it would be very comfortable to soak in it.

Steve Cotton said...

Bliss -- I am afraid the hot tub is in wore shape than Professor Jiggs. It will definitely become a fixture in Salem -- perhaps as a planter. Someone reminded me that the Pacific is supposed to be my new hot tub. But it is just not the same.

Steve Cotton said...

I owe the anonymous "Horst" 50 pesos. The hot tub is once again dead. Perhaps, I should rename it el gato.

Anonymous said...

Well... my theory was that it'd work the day the repairman showed up. He'd collect his $150 and then leave. Within 24 hours it would die again, requiring another visit from same repairman.

But instead, you should be happy that it is not working. This will give the repairman a chance to fix it for good.

Regards, and happy soaking.

Kim G
Boston, MA

P.S. In a hot climate, you may well find the idea of a hot tub rather less appealing than you do now.

Steve Cotton said...

Kim -- If I were a betting man, your prediction would be my bet. I was shocked (not literally) when the tub worked last night. Probably the electronic death throes of a master board. (But why is the same thing called a "moyher board" in a computer?) There is far more money to change hands before I am done with this adventure.