Sunday, July 20, 2008

online and ready to post

I am back at my computer. As you can tell, I did not take my lap top on the trip -- and the ways of the internet cafés are still foreign to me.

That means I now have a week's worth of blogs to read. And, of course, I need to start posting some of my thoughts about the trip to Melaque and my future there.

It is good to be back. If I do not post anything today, I will start tomorrow.

See you soon.


wiley said...

Steve how are you going to tell us how hot and humid it was and there is no way you could stand it. But then if you go there in a cool time of the year and acclimate your self as it gets hot and humid, you can live there. I know I have lived in La Paz the last 14 years and wait for summer.


Steve Cotton said...

wiley -- I think my choice of picture on this post may telegraph my feelings about the heat and humidity of Melaque -- and how to deal with it. But more on that -- later.

islagringo said...

Welcome back! Been checking every day! Can't wait to hear your thoughts and, and, and just everything!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I can't wait to hear what you have to say! I bet Jiggs was really happy to see you. Mr. Dog mopes when we aren't home.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne and Theresa -- Thank you for the welcome back. I started putting some posts together, but I decided to spend the day with Professor Jiggs. He was happy enough to see me return that I have been taking him for periodic walks. He has not been out of the yard for a week -- and there is a big world to experience out there.