Saturday, August 02, 2008

spam and eggs

I apologize for getting behind on responding to comments and posting my "summary" piece. Blogspot apparently designated some of our blogs as spam. Now, my writing has been the object of some pretty severe criticism. But, I ask you: SPAM?

All is well this morning -- even though my SiteMeter is still getting the spam treatment. When I return from a short hike with Professor Jiggs, I will get back into the blog swing.

Brenda has an interesting update on her blog. SiteMeter may be the source of all this hubbub.

Brenda had the correct scoop. For more details check this piece of news at SiteMeter.


islagringo said...

steve, just wanted you to know that I have been following along. I haven't been feeling up to par so I will wait to leave my comments when I'm doing a bit better.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- I hope you are feeling better. Several of my joints are starting to turn into bone on bone pains. Now and then my right ankle just stops working. By the time we meet, we are going to look like the Over the Hill Gang.

1st Mate said...

Steve - so do you think I should get off SiteMeter as well? Good grief, maybe I should just start the whole blog over.

Steve Cotton said...

Bliss -- It appears that SiteMeter has the problem fixed. But I now wonder if using SiteMeter is what is causing the crossfeed between your two blogs. If you can contact someone at SiteMeter, they may be willing to help. After all, they certainly do not like people dropping their service. I tried adding 1st Mate to my active roll, and got the same cross connection again. Of you decide to disconnect from SiteMeter as a test, let me know and I will try the connection as a test. If you do not already have it, my email address is srcotton at comcast dot com.

Michael Dickson said...

People who still use the antiquated, virus-inviting Internet Explorer deserve what they get.

Sitemeter is not the problem. IE is the problem.

Switch to Firefox, fer crissakes.

Steve Cotton said...

Michael -- I found it interesting that both Blogspot and SiteMeter were quick to blame everything except the obvious -- IE 7. Firefox is getting far more tempting.

Michael Dickson said...

It amazes me that anybody still uses IE. Firefox is quick to download. You don´t lose anything. It incorporates your bookmarks. It´s a piece of cake. And lots of interesting goodies you can use or not.

Plus it´s far less susceptible to viruses.