Saturday, August 16, 2008

to B -- or to B minus

I gave the accountants at Price Waterhouse an extra day to tabulate the ballots on how I think Melaque stacks up against the 13 factors I set up back in December.

A few of you have hinted that the exercise was simply an attempt on my part to find several other postings before I slip back into discussing life in Oregon. And you were correct.

However, I thought it might make sense to look at why I am likely to choose the course I will for this coming year.

So, here they are with their respective grades. I added a small weighting calculation to reflect the changing priority of the factors. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow weather will be the most important factor. But not today.

I tried setting this up as a fancy HTML table, but failed. It will look sloppy, but the factor is followed by its weight and its grade.

university nearby -- 2 D-
archaeological sites within driving distance -- 3 B
central location for other archaeological sites -- 3 B
warm, sunny days; cool nights -- 1 F
new acquaintances; some with a love of food -- 3 A-
the challenge of a new language -- 3 A
time to read; time to learn; time to rest -- 3 A
daily learning to survive -- 2 B
facing mountains of difficulties -- 2 B
long walks with Professor Jiggs -- 1 A
living outside of a car -- 3 B
offering help to others graciously -- 3 A
accepting help from others -- 3 A

I should note that Melaque gets about another 10 bonus points simply because it is next to the ocean.

By my very non-academic reckoning, that gives Melaque a good solid B+.

So, what does all that mean?

Not a whole lot really. Other than what we all knew from my first impressions of Melaque.

Melaque is certainly not the perfect place for me to end up. I doubt that such a place exists. But it certainly is good enough for me to start talking about moving dates.

And that topic will develop over the next few months as I decide when to retire, when to leave for Mexico, and what to do with my house in Salem.


Billie said...

I'm not sure I totally understand the rating system but I think you are on the right track by acknowledging that Melanque may not be the final place you end up....but then again it may.

Steve Cotton said...

Billie -- The rating system -- like most rating systems we humans love to impose on our lives -- is beyond understanding because I simply made it up as I went along. I suspect my sense of irony has begun to permeate my reality.

I loved your "May not, but may" answer. It is the very essence of Mexico. I so want to be down there. Our recent spate of 100+ weather has confirmed that I can deal with heat and humidity.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

There is lots to do. You seem like a thoughtful and methodical person.

Create "The List." Start working it ASAP. It does take more effort than I expected to actually get the move Done. In hindsight, moving here in 3 months was a little crazy, way too stressful.

BUT. The big But. So Worth It (so far.)

Steve Cotton said...

American Mommy -- The List has been in progress since last December. I just need to know an execute date. The only two big issues right now are planning for Jiggs and deciding whether to sell or rent the house -- or neither.

Elke said...

Steve, we're in the same boat. We opted to rent our house in Colorado Springs out for a couple of years, hubby still needs an anchor for a while. He's up North working on it for another month or so. I'm in Melaque patiently waiting to have our new house completed (which by the way is now 6 months overdue....) Originally we had planned to retire at Lake Chapala, but fell in Love with Melaque. It will take some getting used to the heat/humidity, my body is slowly adjusting, I'm sure in time you will adjust too. Forget about the lists - just DO it!


Steve Cotton said...

Elke -- Thanks for the advice. By the way, I really like how the house is coming along. I walked by during my last visit. Too bad about needing to add the bars, but that is life. As for the lists, they are more of a device to keep discussion going with this great community.