Tuesday, September 30, 2008

danos hoy nuestro pan cotidiano

On Sunday, Mexico Bob was waxing eloquent over the varying and sometimes indifferent quality of mole sauces in Mexico. It was almost as shocking as hearing that the quality of American home cooking has declined. Hmm. No sense in finishing that paragraph.

I have never been a fan of mole sauces. And I think I know why. I have only had the type of sauces that Bob pans. But his blog included a picture of chicken with mole poblano, rice, and refried beans. Even though I could not whip up a good mole sauce for dinner, I could put together something with the contents of my refrigerator.

The results? I made refried beans with jalapeño peppers and extra sharp cheddar; Bhutanese red rice with sultanas, cinnamon, and nutmeg; and a stir fry of onion, garlic, jalapeño peppers, sweet peppers, ginger, corn, black beans, beef, and chicken.

It sounds like one of those dishes that simply has two many tastes. But it worked.

Unfortunately, I have enough to feed 10 or 12 people. If you stop by tomorrow, I promise a filling dinner.


jennifer rose said...

There are moles, and there are moles. A good one will have you wanting to lick the plate clean. A bad one, well, there are bad moles, too.

But in preparation for your move southward, you may want to consider losing the yellow cheese, particularly to top off refried beans, and fancy red rice.

Islagringo said...

I'm with you. I don't especially care for mole sauces either. I bet there about 4,356 kinds too.

As for the yellow cheese, you'll be doing without soon enough. Eat everything you enjoy while you can!

On another subject...can you change your comments section to open in a new window. Silly really, but I hate having to go back and forth between blog and comment, blog and comment. Yes, I do go back and check out the comments from previous posts.

Nancy said...

That would be a winter meal when you're down here, Steve.

It is just to hot to do more than quickly heating something up on the stove.

We're having friends over tomorrow and I'm just making salad. Paul will cook some shrimp for on top of theirs, I'll buy some nice bollilos with butter and that will be it.

Anonymous said...

maybe i should drive down to salem for dinner tonight. that sounded great!


Bob Mrotek said...

I'll be right over :)

Steve Cotton said...

Jennifer -- The mole sauces I have experienced have all been in local restaurants. I know there must be better because I have heard several people refer to the "plate-licking" good experience. You will need to point me in the correct direction when I move down.

Wayne -- I am going to eat as much Tillamook cheese as possible before I leave. And thanks for the suggestions on the comments option.

Nancy -- I suspect I will probably be using far different ingredients in Melaque. Bhutanese rice may be a bit rare.

Teresa -- I may have it all eaten before you get here. For all of its flavors, it is quite good.

Bob -- Bring the mole.

glorv1 said...

I read Bob's post about mole and it really made me hungry after seeing the plate of mole, rice, and beans. I guess we all wish we could be the best cooks around and I guess practice makes perfect. I will continue to practice on my mole. Your dish looks good.

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Gloria. I keep practicing -- and eating.

VisitLaManzanilla said...

yes my friend, yellow cheese has got to go! Low season here in La Manzanilla so my friend Juan is NOT driving around every night offering his homemade tamales. Only available on Saturday and Sunday at Lupita's. Low season is wonderful here, but sparce on the meal selections!

Steve Cotton said...

I always miss my extra sharp cheddar when I head south of the border. I found a store in Puerto Vallarta that carried Tillamook cheese - for the price of a compact Buick. But the change is not that hard. I love Mexican cheese, as well. I have been told that the Mennonites in northern Mexico produce an aged cheddar, but I have never seen it in stores.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

I love the Oaxaca Cheese - do not miss the yellow stuff!

Steve Cotton said...

I will give it a try.