Monday, September 08, 2008

sunday in the park with farragut

This Sunday was a watershed in my move to Mexico. I did the usual Sunday activities. Taught Sunday school. Attended church. Ate. Took a nap.

And then I finished up the Parkes history on Mexico. I could have abandoned it half-read. But I wanted to get some more information in my head on my new homeland.

Then I started (or restarted) my sorting tasks. Nancy was a big believer in lists when Paul and she started their move south. She is an expert at managing projects and uses lists to ensure no step is forgotten. Wayne suggested the same thing -- for a different reason: to have some tangible proof of progress.

I did a quick look around the property and started a To Do list for each area. Most of them are the type of things I should have repaired long ago -- broken fence slat, leaky faucet, loose electrical connection.

I filled my yard cutting bin on Saturday. That took care of getting anything else cut down outside on Sunday. Inside, one of the most daunting tasks will be getting rid of paper I had intended to scan, but did not. And now, mirabile dictu, I no longer have a need for them. But I will need a paper shredder to clean that Augean stable.

Fortunately, the Salvation Army is having a major rummage sale in October. That should make the decision easier on what should go out. I have some relatively valuable glass pieces (from South Africa, Venice, England) that will not travel well. A rummage sale will find them appreciative new homes. I could give them away as gifts. But I hate placing that type of obligation on friends and family. Sentimentality is a burden not easily passed.

With lists in hand, I have a place to start.

Pardon me. I need to don my Commander-in-Trash cap. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead.


Islaholic Trixie said...

Sounds like you have started your 12 step program and are chugging along!!
Have you thought of putting some of the more valuable items on ebay to see if they sell?
Make sure you put that list where it will haunt you every day to cross something off of it!!

Michael Dickson said...

You will be dead of old age, a list in each hand (perhaps floating in your hot tub), before you ever live in Mexico, señor.

Anonymous said...

your commander in trash cap-i love it!!!! hopefully in a few years i will be looking at these posts getting ideas for my move sob. of course since i am in a 1 bedroom apt. i no longer have nearly the number of things i had 2 years ago when we sold our house and moved to ellensburg. i'm so happy to be back in lake stevens, rain and all.

i like i.t.'s idea of putting your valuables on e-bay. whatever you make can go to the household repairs, etc.

have a great week!

Christine said...

If you look in the yellow pages you may find a company that will give you a barrel to fill with documents that you want shredded and they will take the documents away and shred them---assuring confidentiality. AND you don't have take out the staples, which you will if you do it yourself. Shredding is a tedious job.

islagringo said...

You go Boy! I agree with Trixie. If you are not going to pass items along, get the money out of them on eBay. Rummage sales pay nothing. (if you don't want the money, donate it to your church or some other charity....or to me!! LOL!)

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Steve, you might mention to your friends and family that you are donating stuff to the Salvation Army such as the glass pieces and give them first dibs. You never know someone may have been admiring something or may want something as a special remembrance.

Steve Cotton said...

Brenda -- "12 step" is a great appellation. As for eBay, I am not interested in the hassle. There will be enough things to do without becoming an electronic shopkeeper.

Michael -- I was chuckling at your word picture. I have envisioned it several times over the past year. I am not a very organized person. That is why I have so many things to get done to sell the house. Your idea of handing the keys to the realtor as I drive off sounds better and better.

Teresa -- When I get through this process, I hope to have no more goods than will fit into my Escape.

Christine -- I was using the paper shredder at work, but my current pile is far too big. Thanks for the idea.

Wayne -- Right now the money is the least of my concerns. Even what seemed valuable to me when I bought it looks like an anchor. Now and then, I hear Jennifer's voice reminding me that some of my stuff may have value in Mexico. But that line of thinking leads to me heading up a convoy of moving vans heading south to Melaque.

Theresa -- Good idea. Rather than giving things to people, I should ask if they would like some of the items I am getting rid of. I shuld add my neighbors to the list.

Nancy said...

STeve, Another idea for shredding that we took advantage of was local banks have a big shredding truck come every once in a while and you could take several big bags for free.

Can you believe we all used to save our old checks?

Steve Cotton said...

Nancy -- I will look into the bank option. THe danger of self-shredding is that I spend way too much time reading what does not need to be read. I discovered an old suitcase with checks from my Air Force days. I started looking and reminiscing. No time for that.

Babs said...

Well I know this is going to horrify you, but I got a small dumpster put outside my two story townhouse - filled up big black trash bags with "paper" and business catalogs and all that stuff and just threw it over the banister of the roof terrace right into the dumpster. I never shredded a thing.......It worked!

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- I like your style. Getting rid of things is not going to be the problem. Fixing things is. I almost wish I had stayed a renter all these years.