Saturday, October 25, 2008

acapulco wet

October 2006. The last time I was in Acapulco.

Any tale that starts with those word should involve a setting of blue skies, hot days, and hotter relationships. One glance at the photograph above will let you know that Acapulco can be as wet and cool as Seattle.

The square is usually alive with tourists and vendors -- as well as a few entertainers. Instead, my camera could find only a mother and her son scurrying to avoid God's little joke on cruise ship passengers who paid a month's salary to experience what they could find at home.

Actually, it was a pleasant day merely to walk in the rain and see a completely different side of Acapulco.

Even the shoeshine men had abandoned their Danish-efficiency green chairs. Perhaps not wishing to see their tidy ships sink below the clear-tiled water.


glorv1 said...

I have to admit, it is very beautiful out that way. You take some great pictures. Have a great Sunday.

Babs said...

Beautiful Zocalo. I have never been to Acapulco, but it is on my list because of its historical significance in the China Trade Routes.....some day!
Thanks for sharing........

Islagringo said...

Timely post. Today is the first sunshine we have seen in about 6 weeks! Many of us were getting ready to kill somebody from the depression caused by no sun! I have never seen a rainy season as mean as this has been.

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- The rainy season helped to perk up the vegetation. And it was certainly green on that visit.

Babs -- Acapulco is not my favorite Mexican city -- mainly because of the tourist zone. But it is a port filled with history. The fort was closed when I was there on the last visit. But you can almost imagine the Spanish trying to protect the place against Drake and the other government-sponsored pirates.

Wayne -- Glad to hear you are having sun. I drove up to Portland today for a graduation ceremony. Crisp and sunny. My favorite combination here. Not often experienced in your part of the world.