Wednesday, October 15, 2008

color and light


This may be my favorite time of the year. The skies are usually clear and the temperature may as well be a Honeycrisp apple.

Jackets. Burning leaves. Football. Mary Poppins herself could adopt the day.

I took this picture on my walk with Jiggs last evening. It is too busy. But I like the jumble of textures, light, and color.

I am trying to catch as many of these moments as I can. After all, this may be my last October in Oregon.

I want to savor each day for its own uniqueness.


glorv1 said...

The color and light is beautiful. Jiggs unfortunately can't see in color, but I'm sure he enjoyed the feel. Sounds like you are already missing what you've always known. Food for thought. Have a great day.

Brenda said...

I like the photo. It is interesting. Lots of textures and colors.
"may be my last October in Oregon"--HMMMMMMM, what's with the word MAY??? A little subconscious holding back or what?

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- Jiggs simply enjoys the crisp air. I need to temp him with a bit of baguette before he will come in at night.

Brenda -- More likely sloppy writing on my part. Plans do change, but I should be well-ensconced in Mexico by next October. I intend to enjoy every day on the journey, though.