Tuesday, October 07, 2008

film at 11 -- or later

Someone asked the other day how my sorting and preparing are going. I was ready to post some news, but there is a possible new development.

Sometime this week, I will post whether or not there may be a slight alteration in my plans. The move is on. But the parameters may be changing.

As my good friend Juan Calypso would (and does) say: STAY TUNED!


Babs said...

I HOPE you're going to say that you have a "long term renter" and aren't going to try to sell in this "down market"!

Steve Cotton said...

Madam Zelda looks into her crystal ball and makes the first prediction of Steve's erratic planning.

Babs said...

My monikers continue to grow from Babs to Mz Miranda to Mz Babs and now Madam Zelda! I like that, it has a "certain" ring........tee hee.

Islaholic Trixie said...

Hope your plans are holding together.

Islagringo said...

I love foreshadowing! But you can tell me, just whisper it in my ear.

Beth said...

My quesses:

A: You've decided to leave all your possessions behind, pack Jiggs in the truck, leave the front door unlocked and head south.

B. You got an offer you can't refuse from work which will delay your move south.

C. You're bringing your mom.

D. Some, but not all, of the above.

Nancy said...

I think Steve just likes to be a tease.

Steve Cotton said...

Islaholic Trixie -- If this works out, all of my plans will be resolved -- for now.

Wayne -- And the shadows (or light) will lengthen.

Beth -- Those are good options, too.

Nancy -- "Tease" is my middle name.

aighmeigh said...

Moves like this always seem to go through some sort of alteration--it's a bit different than staying in the country! :)

My parents moved to The Netherlands and had their plans change a good three times before they made it out of the US.

As for me, La Hija and I were supposed to follow El Capitán 6 months after he went down there. Turns out that it was destined to take us 2 years and 2 months!!

Seems like life goes on its own schedule, no matter how much we'd like to tell it to do otherwise :)

I hope your path stays clear, even if it does loop around here and there!

Charles said...

Hi Steve,

I would really like to interview you for my site about your experiences living in Mexico and your advice for people interested in moving to Mexico. Please contact me at charles.sipe@nuwireinvestor.com.


Anonymous said...

Hola Steve,

Well, Mexico is now having its own 20% off sale. Over the past few weeks the peso has gone from 10-point-something per USD to 12-point something. The day before yesterday, it briefly reached a panicky 14-point-something. Given that we are still in the early days of the global financial crisis, I'd say that this should be considered a definite shot across the bow of the idea of buying real estate in Mexico near-term. As the world's economy slows, I seriously doubt investors are going to running to buy Mexican investments. The result will be an even lower peso. If you buy a house too soon, you could easily lose a quick 20% without the peso value of the house moving a hair.

Mexico is now hastily re-doing their 2009 government budget as all the critical inputs have changed--the oil price, the economy's growth rate, the inflation rate (likely higher) and the peso exchange rate. My guess is that as the U.S. economy worsens, the peso is about to get a lot cheaper, and Mexican real estate values are likely to follow those of their their northern cousins.

So, I hope your change of plans is something positive, but I would urge you to sell your own house as quickly as possible, and delay the purchase of a Mexican house as long as possible. Sell your house at an unreasonably low price, because in a year, that price will look incredibly good. Wait to buy a Mexican house until that market there is on its back.

Hopefully the combination of the two will save you a lot of wealth destruction.


Kim G
Boston, MA

Steve Cotton said...

Charles -- I doubt I would have anything of interest to convety to your readers. I am simply in the process of moving -- though the day of the move is drawing nigh. I will send you a note.

Kim -- As a result of a number of circumstances, I may need to follow half of your advice while putting the other half on hold. Details to follow.