Thursday, October 23, 2008

more lens

I think we may all need a little art breather after our financial discussion. So, two more photographs on my walk through the park with Professor Jiggs. By the way, we are still having a marvelous clear-sky Fall.

Sometimes, the color and light combine with either new shapes --

Or that old cliché, repetition, enters the act.


Babs said...

How beautiful. Those photos remind me of flying into Milwaukee once at the beginning of October and it was a crazy quilt of color below. I'll never forget it!

Enjoy your lovely fall!

glorv1 said...

Very nice, so nice that it calms and soothes. Take care.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs and Gloria -- This fall has been one of the best I can recall for colors. This morning, while walking Jiggs, I was struck by what a nice place my neighborhood is. Not only the light and the trees, but the people.

Islagringo said...

Really liking that second pic. It could easily be a desktop background. (which is high praise from me!)

Gee, do you think you got enough responses to your banking post? I thought Jonna and Michael were going to start a bitch fight there for awhile!

Babs said...

Wayne, you made me giggle out loud!