Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the prodigal dog returns home

One of the Bible's most joyous stories is the parable of the prodigal son. A son, who was considered lost, returns home to his father's open arms.

I am happy to report that there is the same joy in Guaymas tonight. Sitka has returned to Cynthia and Mike. You can read the details on their
blog. I will not take away their pleasure of sharing the story.

But I cannot let this moment pass without once again pointing out that my faith in humanity is restored every day when I read the blogs listed in the right-hand column.

We have shared stories of our pets; our loss and acquisition of jobs; our children and grandchildren; our social foibles; our accomplishments; our health issues -- and, in one instance this year, a death. But we are always there as friends and supporters.

Welcome home, Sitka. You are a great symbol of the joy we share with each other.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Yes - this blogger virtual community has been a pleasant surprise.

AND, Mike and Cynthia and their story is The Bloggers Tale. Not to be melodramatic but their life has lierally been changed by their relationships via their blog. Incredible.

Sitka is just the latest "installment" of their Tale.

Steve Cotton said...

American Mommy -- Your blog is a prime example of this community. We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this great adventure for your family.

glorv1 said...

I'm very happy they found Sitka. I danced with joy when I heard. Take care.

Jonna said...

I too am very glad they got their dog back, please don't misunderstand. I have to say though that I hope they now will train their dog not to chase cats. I have a very deep resentment of dog owners (and I have 3) that allow them to chase cats. It can be hard to train them depending on the breed and the background but it is absolutely a requirement for a responsible dog owner. If they constantly went after children, you'd do something right? Well, I see little difference. If you can't control your dog, then you should always have them on a leash, period.

Steve Cotton said...

Jonna -- It took me a long time to train Jiggs about cats and squirrels on our walks. We now walk without a leash, but I always need to remind him not even to think about it when we run across potential prey.