Monday, October 27, 2008

through a mirror, clearly

This last year, I have started appreciating the art of photography -- once again.

I say "once again" because photography had been a hobby of mine since I was in grade school. I even rigged up a little dark room in our attic -- to little effect.

Then I stopped. Who knows, why? I just stopped. Other interests arose. Politics. Girls. Skiing. All of which would have been good source material. But I stopped.

When I started this blog, Andee Carlsson convinced me that I need
ed to add photographs. So, I bought a digital camera and took up my lost love of pictures.

The photograph at the top of this post illustrates why I have come to appreciate what cameras can do.

When I framed the picture, my eye was concentrating on the foliage and fall colors. When I saw it on my monitor, I was disappointed because the bright sunlight had washed out what my eye had seen.

And then I noticed the true center of the photograph. The water. The water reflected the essence of what I had seen -- but in a different medium. Almost as if a painting of a sculpture had captured the art better than the sculpture itself.

It was a pure accident. But it will be one of my favorite reminders of this amazing fall in Oregon.

Even the dog recognized that the days need to be treasured. On Sunday, Professor Jiggs insisted on taking a longer than usual trek through some streets where we had not walked together for at least eight years. When we returned home, I realized we had been gone for three hours and had walked about two miles. Jiggs and I set no records with our walks. But he had a great time.

The price he paid? We needed to go to the veterinarian today for another steroid shot. But I have seldom seen him so content.


Islagringo said...

Nice pictures! I'm glad you listened to Andee, in more ways than one.

Babs said...

I year to shuffle through the fallen leaves........or to make a big pile and jump in them!

Isla Deb said...

Great shots! You should definitely get back into photography. (On a personal note, I don't envy the guy who has to rake all those leaves.)

glorv1 said...

Sweet Mr. Jiggs, a beauty in those colorful leaves. You did capture the beauty of the trees with the reflection. Great job. I'm happy to see jiggs. Take care.

Michael Dickson said...

Run your photos through the Picasa program, one of blogspot´s partners. It´s free and it does wonders.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- I often think of Andee while I am working on my blog.

Babs -- Well, a month to shuffle through the leaves. Then four months to shuffle through the rain. Before I head south and shuffle through the Mexican leaves and rain.

Isla Deb -- It certainly was a great day.

Gloria -- He did very well on that walk, but it took its toll on him.

Steve Cotton said...

Michael -- Thanks. I use Picasa for blog storage. But I have never been able to get in to use the tools. I will give a better effort.

Beth said...

GORGEOUS picture Steve!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If I lived in Mexico, I'd miss fall. See Gary Denness' last blog entry for a comment. There's not much fall happening in Mexico.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where fall is THE big event.

Steve Cotton said...

I saw Gary's post, and took it to heart, Kim. What I dislike about Oregon winter is the constant rain. But I guess that describes a Melaque summer.

Michael Dickson said...

Kim, I´ll ponder that while I´m out raking leaves. I have even seen leaves turn color here in the fall.