Tuesday, November 25, 2008

king of all sala-ma-sond

If we bloggers do one thing, it is share good sites.

Some time back, I ran across Gary Denness's blog,
The Mexile. He is a young Englishman, newly married, who has a passion for photography, biking, teaching, -- and turtles.

I think it was the last category that caught my attention. One of my more memorable pets, when I was young, was Yertle the Turtle, a red-eared slider -- probably just like the turtle almost every child of the 60s owned. Yertle's existence always seemed a bit sad to me. As if a human had washed up on an old Busby Berkeley set -- long abandoned.

Friends tell me that it is a sign of poor breeding to laugh at one's jokes. I have found that rule to be at best a tope on the social highway. I usually am the one laughing loudest at my jokes.

Along the same lines, I should not indulge in the following exercise of hubris. Gary was so kind as to name "same life -- new location" as one of his top 10 blogs. If you look at his list, it is heady company.

I thank Gary for the compliment. But I thank him far more for sharing his life and experiences in Mexico with us. His discussion of joy, loss, sickness, and death -- all presented within a broader tapestry of what life means -- is a gift to us all.


Anonymous said...

i read the mexile last night and saw that you made his top 10 list-i agree. really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to all your adventures when you move.

have a great day!


Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Teresa. I always enjoy your comments. Especially those like this.

Calypso said...

Congrats Amigo - I wouldn't argue with his listing you.

As to laughing at your own jokes - jeeez I sit behind by screen and sometimes am my biggest fan when it comes to humor - at least I always seem to 'get' the joke ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, John. I am glad to hear that you have joined me in the "laugh-at-our-own" club. Maybe it is a libertarian thing.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, hubris. Truth be know, I steer clear of anyone who even smells of such! But you, Steve Cotton - haven't got an ounce of hubris in you. I'm one of the few who reads your blog to have met you in person. So, coming from someone who has seen you interact and simply be yourself, here's what I have to say about that: "hubris schmubris!"

Alee' Robbins
Salem, Oregon

Steve Cotton said...

Alee' -- What a nice compliment. This is turning out to be a very pleasant week.

Gary Denness said...

Steve....thanks for the plug. The ten dollars is on it's way! Heh heh heh!

(Ooops...I think I just laughed at my own joke!)

glorv1 said...

Steve, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day tomorrow. Take care.

Steve Cotton said...

Gary -- 10 bucks would be just about right for me to buy a turtle for you and send it south. ;) Let's hope this plug is better than Joe Biden's.

Gloria -- Thank you. And a very happy Thanksgiving to you, as well.