Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last Friday, a bomb planted at a bank in Woodburn, Oregon exploded and killed an Oregon State Trooper and a local police captain, and injured the local police chief and a bank employee.

Unless you live in Oregon, you may have not heard the story. It is a tragedy.

I have not heard of a single story in the Mexican press warning tourists of the danger of traveling to Woodburn.

Interesting how stories of grenades and bombs south of the border seem to be better plots for fear-mongering.


Laurie said...

I did hear of it yesterday here in NOLA. I had the TV on a long time while I set up my Christmas tree. They spoke about it possibly being triggered by cell phones. I know that in Honduras you cannot enter a bank with a cell phone turned on. All banks have guards, lockers for belongings, metal detectors, etc. in Honduras. Now I get the cell phone thing. I usually leave my phone in the car now. Just to escape the hassle of the guards taking all your stuff and putting it in a locker while I cash a check..

Calypso said...

Yes - saw it on Yahoo News. Good point about the lack of reciprocal travel warnings Amigo.

Jackie said...

What a tragedy indeed. Woodburn has had more than it's share of problems in the last several years. The bombing did make national news but I am sure you are correct about the Mexican press not warning citizens to travel to Woodburn.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
If you haven't already, pick up anything by Gary Jennings...I've learned more about the Aztec culture (AZTEC) than I could have hoped to. He really did his research, sometimes 10 yrs for a single novel.
Detroit, Mich.

1st Mate said...

This is turning into a juicy mystery.

There's a "person of interest" from Salem in custody today, but still no motive. Info at http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_121308_news_woodburn_bank_bomb.58bf59dd.html

I wondered why the bomb was planted in the first place. Terrorist? Thwarted bank robber? Disgruntled former employee? Apparently there was a "threatening phone call" and the bank was evacuated. They say a bank employee found the device outside the bank in some bushes and the police took it inside to check it out. Why??? There was also a second device that they found to be harmless, at another bank.

Steve Cotton said...

Laurie -- Well, I guess the news traveled to Lousiana. But, will bet no one was saying -- stay away from dangerous Woodburn.

John -- And on Yahoo? But there still is that little danger point. Strange how it is not reciprocal.

Jackie -- Enjoying the snow and ice?

Francisco -- On the list.

Bliss -- Lots of questions on this one. I know the accused's family. No idea what is up.

Laurie said...

On the other hand, people do warn you to stay out of New Orleans! We're number one in violence. But number 50 among the states in overall health. So . . . one way or the other you can die here rather easily. Woodburn sounds nice compared to my metropolis.

Jackie said...

Enjoying the snow? NOT! At least the forecast for Salem tomorrow is to get up to 35 degrees. Here in Portland the forecast is for up to 6 inches of snow and sleet and below freezing temps through mid next week. Thank goodness I brought my work laptop home on Friday so I can work virtually with all of the amenities of being on the corporate LAN.

The other interesting thing about the bomb was that the neighboring Wells Fargo branch found a bomb that was not real just shortly before the WCB bomb.
I am not taking any chances with walking on icy pavement and ending of falling and re-injuring my knee. My daughter Tara called me a while ago to see if I wanted to go out to dinner with her and Kelly. I said no because I do not want to walk down my icy driveway and maneuver through an icy restaurant parking lot.Tara said that she thought she should call me and ask since she had just heard a new’s story about Loaves and Fishes and how their need increases with the elderly during bad weather. Yes, thanks a lot Tara! Anyway I gave her instructions to stop at one of my favorite Mexican places on the way back at get me green chili burrito.

Steve Cotton said...

Jackie -- I walked to and from work the past two days. Refreshing, but you are correct: treachorous with the ice. I also had Mexican food tonight -- at one of my favorite places. I now have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I happened to be in nearby Eugene when the bomb went off and I immediately booked my return ticket home to Mexico where I feel safer. KK

Steve Cotton said...