Saturday, December 13, 2008

you saw me standing alone

All day on Friday I watched the rain wash away my hopes of seeing the evening moon -- the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. Counting on seeing the moon -- or the sun, for that matter -- during astronomical events in Oregon is always a crap shoot. And the chances are that snake eyes will end the round.

I had given up all hope of seeing the moon when I got home. While reading my blog list, I glanced out the window and noticed the rain had stopped. The clouds had thinned. And there was the moon. As bright as advertised.

Off I went with the dog for his walk, shooting away with my little digital camera. I long ago discovered that a camera with an upper ISO range of 400 is a lousy night shooter. The best of the lot is posted here, looking a bit like a illustration for severe astigmatism.

But the full moon was a wonder to behold. If you doubt that, take a look at what
Billie was able to do with a real camera.


Anonymous said...

great shot! wish i could have seen it but the rain did not stop here and overnight we had our first snow. just a few inches, but it looks so pretty! i cancelled my plans for the weekend and am just staying home to decorate and prepare for my sons' arrival next weekend! can't wait to see them. trying to change my flight to miami to the 24th since the boys will be gone by then anyway, wish me luck.


Steve Cotton said...

Thanks, Teresa. It was quite a sight. We should be getting our snow tonight or tomorrow. Pass along my best to the boys.

1st Mate said...

It's a very arty shot, with the tree branches surrounding it, I think you did a nice job. The outline is sharp.

Steve Cotton said...

Bliss -- At least it was fun (and frustrating) trying to catch the experience.

Anonymous said...

i will say hi to the boys for you. luck was on my side, i was able to change the reservations so i get to spend christmas day with my family. two extra days with family and all that cuban food-my mouth is watering just thinking about it ;-)

enjoy your snow. we're supposed to be in the teens tonight and possibly as low as 10. i have a feeling we'll have a late start at school on monday, maybe even a snow day. with all our hills, it is hard for the busses to manuever safely. i wouldn't mind a day off except that as a substitute i don't get paid unless i work.

i feel like a kid today, so excited about the snow and all the christmas festivities. going to a production at a church this afternoon.

have a great weekend!

Jackie said...

That photo is very similiar to one I took of teh full moon last month. However last month's full moon was not nearly as big.

Alan said...

Steve, you are truly getting ready for retirement. I saw the time you posted your comment and that reflects the life of a retiree. Enjoy your last few months, must be close to 100 days now. Yes it is cold here in Southern Oregon also, but having been in Billings this week, they know what cold is -9 degrees for tonight. Hello to Prof Jiggs,

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Steve, Your pic is actually better than the one I got. But alas ... Billie's are so lovely!

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- We finally got our snow today. Nothing by Dakota standards. But it has shut down Salem.

Al -- The retirement date is coming quickly. My worload has also picked up by at least one-third. I will probably still be writing reports on my last day.

AMM -- Measuring myself against Billie's work is something I would never dare. Aren't her photographs great?