Wednesday, January 28, 2009

back in the usa

For those of you who have not yet noticed on their site, Cynthia and Mike are now in Salem -- my little home town on the edge of the Pacific.

I talked with Cynthia on the telephone on Tuesday. The two of them are getting settled in.

I hope to have dinner with them this week -- or soon -- to learn more about their Mexican adventure. And I want to meet that infamous wanderer, Sitka.

Cynthia made a comment that is so evident to me that I seldom comment on it. The people who read this blog are not only full of information, but full of the grace to share it. And glad I am for it.


Larry Lambert said...

Steve - We share because we hate to see you go through some of the the struggles we did. Don't worry, though, you'll have your own. I also see a lot of myself in you during your preparations for heading south. I look back on the experience and can't believe I was as uptight as I was.

Besides, you seem like such a likeable fellow.

Larry Lambert, Mazatlan

Nancy said...

Larry said it! I am so much more mellow now that I live in Mexico! I imagine you will be, too.

Have a nice visit with Cynthia and Mike, I wish I had a chance to meet them in person before they headed north.

Steve Cotton said...

Larry -- The ironic thing I think of myself as not being uptight. And that is probably true by our corporate standard. I look forward to joining the mellow set.

Nancy -- I am happy to hear you use the mellow word. When I read your early blog, I thought you were over-planning for your move. Now, look at me! I am glad to hear there is more mellow at the end of the tunnel. You and Paul certainly seem to have found it.

glorv1 said...

Oh, so they left and you are on your way over there.Are they having a new blog? Enjoy your visit with them.

Donna said...

I have been thinking about your new adventure Steve and I wish you all the best in Mexico. I think in many ways you are going to enjoy it and yet I remember moving from the city to the country in Texas and found this city girl was decidedly out of step with country living. I wish you best. Let me ask this however, what are your plans for your ongoing spirituality quest? Becoming Catholic? Donna

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- It appears they are continuing with their old blog. I will ask on Friday when I have dinner with them.

Donna -- There is a protestant church just a few blocks from the house. I already know a few people in the congregation from my last two trips.