Sunday, January 04, 2009

a bed of dozes

I had a number of topics I wanted to write about today. Instead, I took a nap -- a five-hour nap. I must be rehearsing for retirement.

The photograph above is to remind me that this will be what I see each day in my back yard: starting in less than four months.

But there will be steps to take before I get there. The first one comes early tomorrow morning -- I will stop by the agency that handles my retirement pay.

If I understand the procedure correctly, a counselor will walk me through the application procedure, I will get a briefing on some of my retirement options, and I will then write out a check that will boost my retirement pay a bit. When I leave, the wheels will be in motion to ensure that I will be retired on 31 March.

This coming week, I am going to start compiling the final list of things I need to do. As an example, I have not had a physical in years. I should do that. The old chassis may require a lube job before I give up my health insurance.

I will share some of my action items -- because some of you will have a very good ideas based on your own experience.

But not today. I am heading back to bed.


On Mexican Time said...

Good luck!!!

Steve Cotton said...

Thanks. This should be one of the easiest steps. But it is bureaucracy.

Islagringo said...

And don't forget dental work. Although dental care here in the "built up" areas is good, I do wonder about the smaller communities, like Melaque.

Steve Cotton said...

Fortunately, I am up to snuff on dental care. Melaque, actually, has a number of very good dentists.

Alan said...

The way I calculate, you are rapidly approaching the double digit days remaining. One question still remains in my mind, what does a leprechaun, living in Mexico, with a Powers accent, and a five hour nap sound like? Perhaps you could give us an audio link! Alan

Steve Cotton said...

Al -- I fear that would frighten the horses in the street. I am well under 100 calendar days -- and, I believe, I am under 60 work days. But who is counting?

J. PENROD said...

I came upon your blog while checking out the blog

It is a good idea to get a physical b4 you retire. I retired on 12-18-08 from police work after 31 years on the job. Be prepared to become emotional as your retirement day nears, even tho you are looking forward to retirement.

Good luck! and warmest wishes!

Calypso said...

Very clever title to this little ditty hombre ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Gracias, Calypso. Sometimes they work; sometimes they don't. Even with the risk of terminal hubris setting in, I will say I liked it myself.

J. -- I honestly doubt that any emotional moments will set in. When I retired from the Air Force Reserve (with 28 years service), I did not suffer a twinge of emotion. On the other hand, I am older now.