Saturday, January 03, 2009

jonny ward revisited

Serendipity is arriving in bushel baskets this week.

On Friday evening, I was shopping at Safeway, and tried to maneuver around two younger women who were filling their basket with some bargain or other -- bathroom deodorizers, it appeared.

Now, we need to get our story's facts in perspective. When I say "younger," I mean "younger" than your correspondent. Maybe in their 40s or so.

We exchanged pleasantries as we are wont to do with strangers in our little village. One turned to me and said: "What a delightful accent. What part of Ireland are you from?"

Mind you, this is not the first time I have been asked the question. Responded I: "The Oregon part of Ireland." They laughed, and one responded: "Well, it is sexy. Very sexy."

We will pause in our narrative for one moment. I am not certain I have ever heard that adjective used in conjunction with the manner I pronounce my vowels. But I will say that I was duly complimented.

I bid them a good day and went on my leprechaun way.

The exchange was odd because on that very day I had two hits from Ireland on my blog -- both of them coming my way with a Google search for "Jonny Ward."

I briefly introduced you to Jonny (or Jonathan, as I first knew him) in
afloat in my mind last October. That is him on the right in the picture at the top of the post. He was then a cadet on the Queen Mary II. He is now third officer on the ship.

I started wondering: who had conducted the Google search? A friend in Ireland? His parents? (His father also served on the Queen Mary II.) A stranger?

The answer will never be known -- unless the searcher would be so good as to leave a comment.

Or, perhaps, I could simply murmur in my new-found sexy Irish voice -- and answer the question for meself.


glorv1 said...

Now that last comment really sounds sexy. :)
I get people on my blog that google search for different things that I may have written about. Nopales, tortilla, chili verder, chicken...whatever. If they search, they will find. Take care.

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- Maybe I could get a job as a telephone counselor. Have a great day.

Cory said...

That's funny. Years ago when I was working at Crater Lake for a summer, I also was asked if I was from Ireland.

Steve Cotton said...

Cory -- It must run in the family.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those movie stars!


Laurie said...

Steve, this is the truth! I just checked my blog, and I have my first ever hit from Dublin, Ireland. Hmmmm.. . what does it mean?

Steve Cotton said...

The coming out of the crypto-Irish?

Islagringo said...

Ok, my first thought at seeing the picture again was "Where's his other hand?". But then upon looking again, I notice that there is a large resemblence between you and Jonny. He could be your son!

Anything you want to tell us???

Steve Cotton said...

This picture always makes me feel about 80.

Calypso said...

Now Steve those cheeks of yours are pretty rosy in that photo - had you been drinking?

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso -- Nope. I was merely enjoying the pleasures of the tropical sun.

Rosina said...

Hi i would like to write sth to jonathan ward, i ve met him a few years ago on QM2... Can someone give me his e-mail address?? His phone number doesen t work now. That would be great!! Greets from switzerland :-))) and please help me!!!!

Jeffrey Smith said...

Last time I saw him he was Third Officer...    I understand he's Second, now.  Good on you, Jonny!

Steve Cotton said...

That evening is a pleasant memory.