Friday, January 30, 2009

taxing my resources

I am either suffering from the vagaries of old age or I am an extremely consistent in my thoughts. (If I were a betting man, I know where I would put my money.)

I just spent the past hour crafting a post about my income tax return. It went something like this.

We live in a marvelous age of electronics. I talk not of those annoying "error messages" provided by my not-so-beloved Internet Explorer or the joys of having your identity stolen through the negligence of some governmental computer system.

What is marvelous is the ease of filing income tax returns. On 15 January (as I noted in
money from my uncle), I filed my income tax return. On 28 January, the feds coughed up my money into my checking account. All of it electronically.

I am old enough that I can recall when W-2s would (illegally) show up late in the middle of February, and a flurry of 1099s would follow. I was lucky to be able to sit down with stacks of forms and receipts in early April. And it would take several evenings to finish the forms -- and then rush to the post office before midnight on 15 April with a packet that looked like a manuscript submission.

Not now. With Quicken, I have every bit of financial information at my finger tips. I simply import everything into TurboTax, and file electronically. The government then puts my money directly into my checking account. It is almost fun -- in a rather pocket-protector geeky way.

So, I finish writing this, and thought: What did I write last year?

There it was in
tax and spend -- essentially the same gush over electrons.

And, as last year, the money arrives at a very fortuitous time. I need to get the Escape to the Ford dealer to give the old truck a thorough checkup. I have no desire to lose my fuel pump in Nogales.

I can get some cash swirling through the economy's veins. All without the help of a single ear-marking Congressman.


Babs said...

Lucky you! A refund to look forward to.......I pay nothing threfore I get nothing....oh well. I planned it this way.......

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- That is probably the last refund I will see. From here on in, I will be dipping into the ever-decreasing pot of retirement funds.