Thursday, April 16, 2009

9 - 8 - 7 --

Like all delayed countdowns, ours has resumed. We should be blasting out of Salem some time between 4 and 4:30 AM on Thursday morning.

This extra day gave me a little time to tie up some loose ends around the house -- such as, arranging the drainage of the beloved hot tub.

Jiggs has been in a real mood for the past few days. I have never seen him mope as much as he has. Of course, he knows something is afoot -- and it violates the first rule of dogdom: nothing must change.

I took him for a long walk through what he considers to be his park. Tonight, he is his perky self. We will see how long that lasts with at least five days of riding in the truck -- an activity that ranks right up there with cats in his yard, but with less activity.

If we can find WiFi along the road, the posted saga will continue.


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear you're on your way. have a safe trip!


Babs said...

Poor Jiggs. When Flash, my dog for 16 years would see me start scurrying around and get out the suitcases, she would post herself literally in front of the door. AND the minute the car door was open, she was in there. She was my copilot all over Mexico for 16 years. Another "gypsy" soul. Perhaps Jiggs will grow to like traveling? Or not......

CancunCanuck said...

Safe travels amigo, looking forward to hearing all about this adventure! Hugs and snuggles to Jiggs, I bet he makes a great co-pilot. Enjoy and embrace all you encounter and tell us all about it. Will be thinking of you!

Holly Campbell said...

Have fun and enjoy the journey! What a glorious day for a road trip! I'm praying Jiggs does fine with the trip. As he is full of surprises, he may end up enjoying all the new scents available to him.

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Good for you! We're on standby, waiting to hear about the drive. Give Prof. Jiggs a little treat tonight!

glorv1 said...

Hi Steve, I've been under the weather these past couple of days so I missed your posts. I did see Jiggs looking at you as you held the camera. Yes, he does look a little bewildered and can you blame him. He is not sure what is going on. The only thing he know is that whatever it is, he wants to be there right with you. I guess you are on the road now and Jiggs is kicking back in the back seat. My regards to Jiggs and drive safely.

Anonymous said...

We are awaiting on-the-road commentary with baited breath.

I imagine your departure hour allows you to hit Los Angeles rush hour with exquisite precision, no? Hopefully no.

Are you planning to cross la frontera early in the morning?

Que díos vaya contigoKim G
Boston, MA
Where traveling a mere 5 miles from downtown to home can often be an adventure

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- So far, all is AOK.

Babs -- Jiggs has never like being in the car or truck. He hates being left in the vehicle while I go into stores. This trip is not going to help.

CancunCanuck -- See tomorrow's post.

Holly -- Thanks for the good wishes. So far, Jiggs is being a trouper.

Cynthia -- I brought his favorite treat: a baguette. He got a large hunk tonight.

Gloria -- I trust you are feeling better. Jiggs is asleep next to my bed in the motel room right now.

Kim -- We are in Ontario right now. Missed the LA rush.