Wednesday, April 15, 2009

d-day is here

This will be a very brief post.

The last day in Salem turned out to be just as I thought it would: filled with lots of good wishes from friends and colleagues, mixed in with a last minute trip to the vet to get Jiggs a cortisone shot and a health certificate, and the usual packing decisions.

As always, it all worked out well. I disconnected my internet Tuesday afternoon. I am currently pirating an unsecured line. I need to be fast.

The plan was to get on the road by 3 or 4 AM on Wednesday to drive over to Bend to pick up my brother. But I did not get to bed until after midnight. More likely the departure time will be around 8 when we leave.

But the day is here. And we intend to make this trip as leisurely as possible.

More to come -- you can count on it.


Calypso said...

Steve - I am almost as excited as if I were heading out myself. We have all been living with your plan for so long now.

It has been a fun ride so far - now let the real games begin!

Ronh said...

Have a wonderful trip!!

Anonymous said...


Thought I would send you a quote -

This art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of energy in our great men.
~ Captain J. A. Hadfield

Travel safe and take care - your new life adventure begins!

Take care,

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

See ya on the flip side!

Theresa said...

OH, HOW EXCITING!!! if you are like me you didn't get any sleep, and so are heading out early anyway. Keep us updated when you can!

Babs said...

Ahh, you are in my thoughts as well as everyone elses. The professor looks absolutely majestic, although he has the same problem as I - the white is taking over the hair........ha. BUT of course, I can do something about it.....and do. double ha.

Anonymous said...

i said my prayers for you right around 8:00. what a coincidence that that turned out to be about the time you were leaving. yes, make it a leisurely trip, remember, just like in life, it's the journey and not the destination that count. you'll have plenty of time to enjoy melaque, so enjoy the getting there too. wishing you a safe and happy journey. great picture of the prof. it looks like he's saying "i'm ready if you are." give him a pat on the head for me.

God bless,

1st Mate said...

Steve - We're all rooting for you to have a fun and safe trip, and looking forward to seeing you in Guaymas. Feliz viaje!

Brenda said...

Have a great day/trip. Hope Prof. Jiggs enjoys all the new sights and smells.

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso -- The excitement will hold for one more day. But the venture -- and adventure -- are finally here.

Ronh -- Thanks. It will go well, I am certain.

Kim -- I can feel the cares melting already. Thanks for the quote.

Cynthia and Mike -- Thank you for everything.

Theresa -- It appears that I will get some sleep, after all. I am going to take this free day as a rest day.

Babs -- The Professor wears his white with grace. Thank you for the good wishes.

Teresa -- Thank you for the reminder about the journey. The snow in eastern Oregon may have been a sign to me that I need to slow down today. And I will.

1st Mate -- See you soon in Guaymas.

Brenda -- Jiggs hates being in the truck. He sits in back and pouts, seldom looking out the window. He remembers my old car where he got to sit in the front seat.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Thinking of you. I hope you have an enjoyable journey. Corrinne

Steve Cotton said...

Corrinne -- Thanks. We will soon be on our way.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... I love the juxtaposition of "leisurely" and 4:00 AM. In my book, those two concepts are opposite, not often found in the same sentence.

Hope you get the Mexican version of "leisurely" soon.

And I can assure you. The Mexicans are on my side on this one. They think of 4:00 AM as late, not early.

Fond regards, and Buena SuerteKim G
Boston, MA
Where 4:00 AM and I don't really get on all that well.

Steve Cotton said...

Kim -- The irony did not miss your keen insight. Tomorrow, I hope to sleep until 7.

snorklequeen said...

Steve, Mr. Jiggs is beautiful! i have a white-faced male golden retriever also -- his name is Sam, and he's 12. we'll be hitting the road one of these days

Snorklequeen a/k/a Juanita a/l/a Jean

Steve Cotton said...

snorklequeen -- They are great, aren't they? No matter how old or decrepit, they just want to please.