Friday, April 10, 2009

my days are numbered

The pudding dream.

We have all had it. Run as fast as you might, you make no headway because you are running through pudding. I like to think it is banana cream.

That is what I felt like Thursday. Partly my own doing.

I started the day by filling the truck with the clothes I sorted on Wednesday. The largest portion were suits I have accumulated over the last thirty years. The Salvation Army has a job interview clothes closet. And they desperately needed men's clothes. I was surprised to discover that my suits alone filled up the space I intended to use to take my possessions to Mexico. Not a very realistic plan.

I then rushed over to a memorial service for one of our congregation members. I have known Elizabeth for about 11 years. I would have cancelled any other appointments to be there for the service.

And I was then back in the truck to run errands for a message board member who needed a mechanical part. I ended up going to four different shops before I found what he needed. I hope it works for him.

When I returned to the house, I moved several pieces of computer equipmenmt into storage, sorted books, and washed some clothes that will be headed south with me. (I also had a small fright. I could not find the title to my truck. After looking around for almost an hour, I found it in a stack of papers that were on their way to the shredding bin.)

I finished that up just in time to head over to my neighbor's house for a farewell party. My neighborhood is a very special place. I do not know many neighborhoods where all of the residents know one another as well as we do -- and who actually care for one another as we do. For them to put together this gatheri
ng was special. And I will always remember them for the special people they are.

And then it was off to bed.

My mother and I are leaving for Bend first thing on Friday morning. It will give me an opportunity to catch up on her trips to Hawaii and Tennessee. We will then have two days with my brother's family before I return to Salem for Easter Sunday.

When I return, I should have a carrier on top of the truck. Then the true packing will begin.


Darrel said...

Apparently the “off to bed” part of your day didn’t last very long. After another of the endless retirement parties you’re already up and posting at 4 AM. You won’t be very rested for the drive to Bend and one of your last opportunities to drive in some snow.

Weather Condition: Snow Flurries
Road Surface: Spots of Ice
Current Chain Restrictions: Carry Chains or Traction Tires
Current Temp: 27 F
New Snow: Trace
Roadside Snow: 88 in.
Last Updated: 04/10/2009 04:00 am

Anonymous said...

Just curious re: the Escape. Where were the oil leaks? Re: misplaced vehicle title, I know that feeling...not fun, glad you found it. I've got a feeling you'll be leaving one great neighborhood and neighbors for another, with better weather.
Detroit Mi. (Where the Walleye are starting to bite and the boat's in the shop. Darn it!!)

Steve Cotton said...

YIKES! This is going to be interesting. No chains. No snow tires. I may end up in a ditch celebrating Mom's birthday.

Calypso said...

Yes - you left us hanging on the Escape repairs - details PLEASE

Anonymous said...


hope you have a safe trip to bend. i am praying for your safety on both trips. have a wonderful easter with your family.

God bless,

Babs said...

SNOW in April? OMG. Ok, you're posts are starting to make ME nervous.......I hope you get it all together my friend. BUT if you don't, you know you can always delay a day or ARE retired. Deadlines are NOT supposed to be, you have the rest of your life.

glorv1 said...

I can't believe your pink was ready to be shredded. Tut tut tut.

Calypso said...

Babs is right - You now are the ruler of your destiny - leave when conditions are right - always better that way; and what a luxury for the retired. ;-)

Cory said...

Wow, you are packing. The time sure has flown by.

Even with the top carrier ... are you sure you can get all that you need for you and the Professor in there? It is not a very big vehicle.

I recently bought a Sprinter van for my construction business. If you need a moving van ... I'll be happy to take a few days in Mex.

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso -- Two days in the shop, and the truck is working splendidly. I am lighter in the wallet, but lighter in the belly for all of the walking.

Teresa -- Thanks for the Easter greeting. My brother and I had Mexican food today as our family Easter dinner.

Babs -- I am not nervous at all. What will happen will happen. My only deadline right now is the one that the Mexican homeowner has imposed. I need to be in Melaque by 23 April. Otherwise, my time is my own.

Gloria -- But it was just the title, It can always be replaced.

Calypso -- Well, I am the master of my fate -- as long as I get to Melaque by 23 April.

Cory -- Darrel came over today and helped with the carrier. A van would simply tempt me to take too much. But thanks for the offer.