Wednesday, April 15, 2009

t minus one and holding

Remember the Apollo program?

Getting up early in the morning to watch that stationary Saturn rocket enshrouded in vapor straining to send an astronaut into orbit. An American astronaut.

Walter Cronkite was there to remind us that this was Really Important. But what we waited for was the voice of Chris Kraft counting down to lift off.

I also learned that NASA used the same clock as the NBA -- one minute could last a full day; and always the last minute before launch.

Chris Kraft came to mind this morning when my brother called to let me know that our route through eastern Oregon and central Nevada is covered with snow. My Midwestern and Canadian friends are probably laughing right now. But I know my limitations when it comes to snow driving.

So, we are on hold for travel today. My brother will call this afternoon. He may drive over to Salem later today, and we will then consider driving south on I-5.

But, as several of you have reminded me, I am retired, and I have no deadlines.

I will keep you posted.


Brenda said...

Oh well, manana.

Steve Cotton said...

Brenda -- There is always another day to start.

Calypso said...

Weather holds are valid. I have had several in recent years departing in mid-September to early October from Colorado to Mexico.

No weather holds down here - one of the many good reasons to get on down ;-)

Larry in Mazatlan said...

Ah, it sounds like you're starting to adjust to you new life.


Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

I have to laugh...I was on my way to an interview this morning at the ODOT and I drove by your street and saw your truck still there at 8:07...I came home and told Mike and now we're reading about the delay. No problema, as Brenda says, MANANA!

Babs said...

Geez, what an auspicious beginning. I wondered how you had commented on my blog - I had visions of your brother driving; you blogging; and Jiggs hanging over your shoulder. A visual delight!

Laurie said...

Snow??? I want snow. I am eating ice and wearing sleeveless shirts. By the way, I am curious about your luncheon appointments from my blog entry. Pray tell, who did you dine with? I'm guessing Barry Mannilow and Brennan Manning.

Alan said...

Steve, if I5 becomes your route of choice, please let me know and lunch is on me!

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso -- I just hope the I-5 corridor will present fewer weather issues.

Larry -- Flexibility. Flexibility. Flexibility. I am getting it down.

Cynthia -- If you drive by tomorrow at 8, we should almost be in Medford.

Babs -- I wish I could have that type of connectivity on the road.

Laurie -- For the answer, see your blog. The snow I can do without.

Al -- We will be well south of Medford by lunch time. But thanks for the offer.

Theresa said...

Snow bad. Detour good.
We drove down I-5, then went east at I-10 and then south when we reached Texas. It was easy driving. And we were probably only 500 miles south of you.
By now you are on your way. It was good proctice for the rest of your life, relax, enjoy a great road trip with your two best buddies!

Steve Cotton said...

Theresa -- And it has led to a great adventure of its own.