Tuesday, May 05, 2009

the dogs do bark

The hermits have emerged.

Darrel and I have spent the last week sequestered almost as tightly as monks in a smaill cloister.

It was our own doing. Even though the Mexican government requested people to avoid large gatherings out of a misplaced fear of the Flu that Dare Not Speak its Name, our avoidance of crowds had far more to do with getting tasks completed around the house -- and looking after the ailing Professor Jiggs.

We decided that today was the day to break out of our Alamo.

I need to register my FM3 in Manzanillo within 30 days of crossing the border. The clock is ticking.

Unfortunately, the feverish porcine crisis has created bureaucratic problems. Like all governmental offices, immigration is closed until later in the week.

But I had two other tasks. The first was to obtain a Constancio de Domilio from the local council. It is an official document verifying that I live where I live. A utitility bill will usuially satisfy the immigration authorities, but I just like the sound of it: Constancio de Domilio.

I should have known that the office would be closed today. But we tried. I will return on Wednesday or Thursday -- whenever the powers of local government are once again dynamoing away.

But I did complete the seconmd task -- getting the requisite number of black and white photographs that make me look like the morgue pictures of an executed World War II dictator. Either that or a standin for Nick Nolte's latest DUII arrest.

Darrel had not yet had an opprtunity to see the commercial section of my new home town. I showed him around the shops. We bought from the mundane (a laundry basket) to the sublime (a refill of my blood pressure medicine that cost $56 in the States, and $3.69 here).

The photograph at the top includes several of the businesses I frequent regularly. (I promise more on that in the future.)

But no visit to the commercial section would be complete without a plate of locally-made tacos. Darrel is quite a Mexican food aficianado. But even he was impressd with the simple goodness of our small plate of refreshments.

I suppose it is apparent that I would be thrilled if my brother and his family, and my mother, decided to join me on this little adventure I have plotted. So far, he still talks about returnuing to the States on the 14th.

Time may be running short for all of us.


CancunCanuck said...

Phew, glad you got out of the house, thanks for sharing a peek at your town. Don't you just love the farmacias? :)

Just FYI, not trying to sound like a language teacher or anything, but the document you need is a "constancia de domicilio". My biggest problem learning the language has been the "o" and the "a" problem, it plagues me still at times. Good luck with that and with immigration!

Felipe said...

There is a pharmacy chain here I recommend to you. It´s Farmacias Similares. They sell generics. Many Mexicans view generics suspiciously, but we are a colossally suspicious people.

Chrissy and Keith said...

Ah, Super Hawaii. We have spent our fare share of time and peso's in there. Sounds like you are making progress. Have fun.

Babs said...

A copy of your rental agreement will suffice for your FM3. Never even heard of the domicile thingy...

There are several relatively good restaurants in Melaque. So, you'll have fun. Maya is the best, in my humble opinion. The fish with mango sauce is divine....

Ron said...

I am enjoying your stories!!

Keep it coming. I am on some blood pressure meds, but have not yet checked the cost of them in Mexico.

Best wishes for you, your brother and the Professor


glorv1 said...

Hi Steve. Just stopped in to read the latest. I love the colors over there. I'm sure your mom will come for a visit soon. Take care and keep enjoying.

Holly C. said...

Good morning Steve,

Thank you for the colorful photo of your new shopping area. These shops have much more character than Costco & Best Buy.

Have you been able to find a vet that keeps regular hours you are able to discern? Though I've not met Jiggs, I feel I know him and had my own 13 year-old dog a couple years ago. I'm glad you have this time with him and are not stuck at the office.

It's been rainy & windy here so not very conducive to strolling. I'd love to be where you are right now!

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

You said Prof. Jiggs is ailing. What's up?

Jonna said...

Instead of a constancia de domicilio we use a comprobante or utility bill and you will need one for almost everything. I just keep a CFE bill in my visa now as I seem to need a copy of it whenever I need the FM3. It doesn't have to be in your name either, just have your address on it. I had to have one when I got my FM3 and for renewals but I believe when I first got it I also submitted the fideicomiso for the house, so maybe you need your constancia de domicilio instead. How do you prove to them that you live where you say you live? Do they come and visit or take your word and your comprobante as proof?

Steve Cotton said...

CancunCanuck -- It was a nice relief to show Darrel my new home town. I need to do more of that before he leaves. But, right now, I am going to take a nap.

Felipe -- I bought a generic -- the same generic I was buying in the States. Same dosage. Same size of tablet. I was shocked at the price difference. If I keep up my weight loss, I may not need to take it any more. I will save less, but it will be the last of my medications to disappear.

Chrissy -- Leaving pesos in Hawaii last year caused me to wonder if food in Mexico is actuially more expensive than in the States. As it turns out, a large portion of the food in Hawaii is there by special request and is "imported." Thus, more expensive.

Babs -- I do not have a rental agreement because I am not renting. However, this appears to be a good example of how requirements vary from immigration office to immigration office. Apparently, the Manzanillo office has raised the possibility of requiring a Mexican bank account to show the required monthly income level. I will find out more about that when I visit the office later in the week.

I like Maya, but it is by far the most expensive restaurant in Melaque -- charging as much as a restaurant would in Salem. I walked by today. All of the tables are gone. I have no idea if it is merely a closure for the off-season or --. I will try to find out -- just for you.

Ron -- Thanks. Read on!

Gloria -- The colors down here are one of Mexico's attractions. I will have more on that topic -- soon.

Holly -- I have heard about your recent stormy weather. It sounds almost primordial. I still do not have a regular vet for Jiggs. But I have some good suggestions. He needs help getting up. I am starting to feel like a nurse aide.

Cynthia -- Same problem. The muscles in Jiggs's back legs are slowly degenerating. He now needs help to get up from the floor and to climb stairs. He also gets frightened whenever I leave the room he is in. Old age is the pits -- even for dogs. At least, I know he is not going to run away -- or run anywhere.

Jonna -- Apparently, I get my constancia by taking my comprobante to the delegacion. And that sounds an awful lot like merely taking the same bill to immigration. One advantage is that I can keep my constancia with my FM3 for official purposes. I hope they put a real nice seal on it. Make it something special!

BoBo's Mom said...

Did you get Jiggs the cortisone shots?

Steve Cotton said...

BoBo's Mom -- Thanks for asking. I did. But it was not a good experience. I still need to help him get up off of the floor.