Tuesday, June 09, 2009

selling others' dreams

This is not Craig's List.

What we sell here are dreams and distilled reality.

But, now and then, every rule must be broken -- if, for no other reason, to prove the rule has worth.

My amigo Todd has a house for sale. Not just any house. His house. Just outside Pátzcuaro.

So, why am I flogging real estate for Todd?

I already told you the first reason. He is a friend -- in the sense that we bloggers are friends.

He also has a pet rabbit named Larry. What other references do you need?

But, here is another reason. I came within weeks of being Todd's neighbor. I saw a real estate advertisement on the internet for a house that looked as if it had my name written on it. Todd lived in the same development.

That was before I knew my retirement date. Someone else bought the house. I did not become Todd's neighbor.

But in the process I discovered Todd's blog. I learned a lot about the neighborhood where he lives. And, somewhere in a corner of my mind, I wish I had bought that house.

So, says you, why not buy Todd's house now?

That answer is easy. I have moved on from my idea of purchasing a house. I want to move around Mexico as a renter -- living in new areas of the country whenever a move hits my fancy.

Besides. If I bought Todd's house, Todd would not be my neighbor.

For those of you who want to find your own dream in Mexico, take a close look at Todd's house. If nothing else, enjoy the presentation of his house. This is a man who takes pride in his home, his neighborhood, and his community.

So, hop on over to say hello to Larry. And put some money on the barrel head.

That way, I can get back to posting pictures of the house where I am currently living.


Todd said...

Wow, nice post for my house!



Anonymous said...

that house is absolutely beautiful, however i am glad that you haven't been tempted to buy it. when we thought about retiring in mexico, i had the same idea you now have-to just rent and move around whenver we chose. that way you can get to know lots of different areas of the country. perhaps after a few years of moving around, you can settle in one area, but even then, why buy? and no folks, i am not knocking anyone's decision to purchase a home, it's just not something i would choose to do.

just did all the financing on our new place yesterday. that will be our retirement home and perhaps when retirement comes, we can be snowbirds, or as i call folks from this area, rainbirds.

just 3 more days of work and i am off to the keys.

have a great day. hope you and jiggs are getting lots of walks in.

tu amiga,

jennifer rose said...

Steve, you are never going to know Mexico and develop friendships if you plan to keep moving around whenever the mood strikes you. Neither the natives nor the expats have the patience to deal with or invest the emotional energy in those who treat this country as their junior year abroad. We've seen enough of those kind who're tire-kicking a community.

You don't buy a house because the neighbor looks attractive any more than you'd rely upon directions which told you to turn "where the red bicycle is parked." Neighbors move on. Neighbors who look appealing at first glance can take on hues of 3-day old fish.

Buy Todd's house. Maybe you can even work a deal where Todd and Larry get visitation rights.

Charley said...

Such a positive thing, to hear that you Know that you want to wander around Mexico footloose and mortgage free.

Darrel said...

What a gorgeous house and well done website. But I still like your plan of wandering aimlessly around Mexico (as long as you rent houses big enough for us to visit). Mexico is such a vastly diverse and beautiful country it would be a shame not to see as much as possible.
It was a little chilly in Bend this morning (41° F), so I decided to look at the record temperatures for June: High 101° (1968), low 27° (1976). I wish I could send you down some cooler nights. If you go to an area like Pátzcuaro you may just find some.

Christine said...

I think your plan is great. I disagree strongly with Jennifer and she underestimates the tolerance and friendliness of the people of Mexico--native and expat. For example, I met a couple in Ajijic who don't even rent. They have built up a strong reputation as reliable house-sitters and they move from house to house caretaking and they are very happy and have lots of friends. Life has no rule book other than respect and kindness. (Thank goodness.) Christine

Chrissy y Keith said...

Unless we fall in love with the perfect place, we plan to do the same thing you are doing. I think renting is a prudent idea, escpecially when you are in transition with retirement and living in a new country.

Constantino said...

Nice cool evenings, days without humidity...prices for food cheaper than in touristy coastal towns (except for one week in late October) and you would be my neighbor down the road.......

You could even join the gym down the road and sweat along with Felipe....
Not a pretty picture.....the sweat, not Felipe...

We have 3 plazas at least, a Soriana and a mini Walmart, what else could you possible need?

Charley said...

He needs his own "Guapa Senora"

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home.


Steve Cotton said...

Todd -- As others have noted, it is a great house.

Teresa -- As much as I like Todd's house, I am sticking with my rental plan -- even considering Jennifer's points.

Jennifer -- I understand your argument, but I am not certain I agree. I have moved around often enough (physically and professionally) to know that friendships can form whenever there is a common reference for the relationship. I am currently living next door to a Professor of Rhetoric from a large midwestern university, who comes down to his house in Melaque periodically. We have formed a great relationship after knowing one another for a total of probably three weeks. My life in the Air Force was based on close relationships for short periods of time. I keep in regular contact with some people I knew for only about three months. I suspect that I will find similar expatriates in my quest for adventure. But Todd's house is very tempting -- as was your sister's.

Charley -- It feels liberating.

Darrel -- I would like to feel some of that chill in the morning, but I am adjusting quite nicely to the tropical heat.

Christine -- I suspect that a lot of this has to do with our own personalities. I am not a settler.

Chrissy -- Stay in touch. We will see how this model works out for Jiggs and me.

Constantino -- Even if I do not buy Todd's house, Pátzcuaro is still on my rental list.

Charley -- Don't go marrying me off too soon. I am enjoying my freedomn.

Mom -- "Lovely" is a perfect word for Todd's house.

peachland said...

Yes lovely house and I love Patzcuaro and the surrounding area,have not seen enough of it,would be a great place to spend some time,I am glad it is on your list Steve
take care

Jan said...

We bought our dream right away and that's just the way it happened. Everyone told us not to jump in; in fact thought we were absolutely nuts! I think what you're doing is fine and believe me you will know when it's right. Besides you're on the water now and it's different inland if you are a water person. We're water people and no matter how wonderful, we feel like fish out of water...without water. Can't count the lake in Patzcuaro. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i heartily agree with your reply to jennifer rose. 11 years of being a navy wife and moving every 2 years made made me realize i can develop close friendships even in a short amount of time.

take care,

glorv1 said...

That's a very nice home, quite beautiful and very reasonable. I think you are doing good at least while Jiggs is still with you, you just don't want to make any moves while he is just beginning to adjust. You're doing fine, just fine. Enjoy each day, take a deep breath and thank God for each day. My hugs to jiggs. I have to stop by you brother Darrel's blog. I see he has commented. Take care.

Steve Cotton said...

Peachland -- But I will get there.

Jan -- I, too, am attached to water. But I need to try new things. Glad to hear you hit your mark on the first buy.

Teresa -- I think it all depends on one's comfort level. I assume that I wlil have mere days to build a friendship. That has been my life experience.

Gloria -- Jiggs is very adaptable -- as long as he is feeling healthy. I am beginning to think he will go through at least one more move before he dies.

Cory said...

Wow, beautiful house.

And whoever took the pictures very well done, beautiful.

Steve Cotton said...

Cory -- Todd should be able to sell the place based solely on the quality of his web page. It is stunning.

Todd said...

Thanks for all the kind words about my house.

Thanks again Steve for spreading the word!

Yes I may be crazy, but that is nothing new. I think we are next interested in a place with B&B potential, but that is to be seen.

Jennifer, you would be amazed at the things I have done because of an attractive neighbor, or the things I haven't done because of an attractive neighbors husband!!!
But thanks for promoting my house!