Sunday, June 14, 2009

the spirit is willing

I promised some of you that I would give a brief update on Professor Jiggs.

Even though our heat and humidity are steadily increasing, Jiggs is doing far better at acclimating than am I. Of course, his solution is to sleep the day away. But that was his doggy agenda in Salem, as well.

On Friday, I took him to Manzanillo. His veterinarian gave him a clean bill of health -- for an old dog. Even he was amazed at how well Jiggs is getting around.

He would have been even more amazed if he had seen Jiggs on our midnight walk.

There are three dogs that live in the next block. Dogs in their prime. When we walk during the day, they have a tendency to gang up on him. Nothing bad. They just push his space.

All three of them were at the end of the block when I let Jiggs out the gate. He took off in a trot. Not a run. But I had to run to catch up to him.

I was positive the three dogs would take it as the opening gambit in a dog fight.

They didn't. Instead, all three of them took off like burglars caught in the act. And Jiggs was ready to turn on the overheads in hot pursuit.

I had to remind Deputy Dawg that this is their neighborhood. Not his.

He was not buying it. He was as adamant as a Temperance woman from Topeka that things needed to be sorted out.

So, how is he?

He has the same spirit as that little ball of fuzz I brought home thirteen years ago. Except some of the parts don't work as well as they once did. Mine and his.

I am heading to Manzanillo later this morning to assist
New beginnings in Manzanillo move house. But we will let her cover that news in her blog.

When I get back, we will finish up the tour of the house. I need to show you the roof.



Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!Take care

Mic said...

Yep, you can definitely see the spirit in his eyes. He's looking Wonderful!!

Ron said...

Glad the Professor is doing better.

I am enjoying you story



Babs said...

Wow! I'm thrilled to hear the Prof has get up and go..and it sounds like you're getting into the get up and go mode too. YEAH

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the humid heat is much better for the old professor's arthritis than the damp cold of Oregon. And the greater amount of light must also have some emotional effect on his psyche as well.

As I type this, I am looking out my Oregon window, into a gray, overcast June day. It is warmer out, than in November, to be sure, but it is not light out.

All the vitamin D in the world cannot make these northern shadows shine.


Jonna said...

Yay Jiggs! I think he and I agree that old bones and joints work better in the warmth. The vitamin D aspect is probably also involved. Life is good when the sun is shining and you are warm, chasing off a couple of teenagers can feel pretty good too.

glorv1 said...

Steve, yes he looks so much better. I am so happy he is doing good. Enjoy your day and you too Mr. Jiggs.

Anonymous said...

steve, jiggs looks great! and you are wrong, it is his territory too now, just as it is that of the other dogs ;-)

made it to miami on friday night and as i just commented on bab's blog, i can really appreciate your comments and that of the other bloggers, about the heat and humidity in mexico. it is just as bad down here. of course i know what to expect, and yet one doesn't realize just how bad it is until one arrives. even walking by 7:00 and finishing around 9:00, i am soaked in sweat. heading off to the keys tongight. since i'll be staying right across from the beach, i hope the breeze will make the high temps more tolerable. heat and all though, i am very happy to be here.

have a great week my friend.


Leslie Limon said...

What great news about Professor Jiggs! Gracias a Dios! Hopefully he will get some relief from the heat, once the rains start. (Which is supposed to be this week.)

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Oh, that is so good to hear! The Professor is back! Now the adventure can really begin.

Steve Cotton said...

Anonymous -- Good news, indeed.

Mic -- He was really full of himself when I took the photograph -- even though he hates the flash.

Babs -- If it were not for the heat, Jiggs and I would be getting away from the house more often.

John -- I am one of the biggest promoters of Oregon summers. But, it sounds as if you are not getting the best weather right now. You may be correct about the heat being good for The Professor's arthritic joints. But it certainly slows him down overall. Thus, the midnight walks.

Jonna -- Most of our outings are still when the sun is down or low. This morning, we walked around at 6 in the dark. He gets in far more mischief when I have trouble seeing him.

Gloria -- We are taking our joy in daily doses.

Teresa -- Other than in his yard, Jiggs has never been territorial. Outside of his fence, he usually ignores other dogs -- with two notable historical exceptions. I think he is really feeling his oats. Enjoy the beach. Jiggs and I sat at the edge of the tide watching tonight's sunset. He was not impressed. I was.

Leslie -- Apparently, it rained sporadically around Barra and Melaque thids morning. Jiggs and I were out on our walk and did not see any at our end of the beach. But we certainly could use a shower to break part of the mugginess.

Theresa -- Ironically, he is feeling better just as the temperature and humidity start rising. But we still have our early mornings and midnights.

Mic said...

That's a really beautiful sunset shot in the "roof" post.

Appreciate Prof. Jiggs tolerance of the flash for the benefit of his fans :-)

You have written so eloquently about your times with him, that I feel he's almost another of my dogs ....and tho I don't enjoy the physical presence of one now, your friend has brought to the forefront memories of dogs in my past.

Steve Cotton said...

Mic -- What a nice compliment. Being able to share the joy that Jiggs brings to my life makes this little project worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Yo Steveo, an Oregon summer just wouldn't be right without a Hot Fudge Sunday or Banana Split from Lews. I am sure will not mind if I indulge. Keith

Steve Cotton said...

Keith -- I would simply settle for a chip steak sandwich and a cherry ice cream soda. Unfortunately, they discontinued both in the 1970s.

BoBo's Mom said...

I know I've said this before.....Jiggs looks great in his new haircut. There is nothing wrong with sleeping all day. I wish I could do the same :) Glad to hear he's doing well.

Steve Cotton said...

BoBo's Mom -- We had a nice conversation about you and BoBo on Sunday. When you get down again, I will need to introduce you to Jiggs.