Friday, June 12, 2009

still walking

On those days when the pleasures of outdoor living pales, Jiggs and I can head upstairs.

In truth, we spend very little time on the second floor. Other than to cook a meal, use the computer, or sleep, everything we need is on the ground floor.

But, people like to see rooms in houses that seldom get use. So, show you I shall.

Yesterday we left off at the bottom of the stairwell. At the top of the stairwell, this rainbow burst greets visitors.

Turn to the right, and discover the dining area and kitchen.

Turn to the left, and sit in the living room.

And, if you have forgotten to wash your fruit and vegetables, you may want to visit this room. It is straight on.

But, even with all of these rooms, the house is built around two balconies.

My favorite is the balcony that faces the ocean. If I cannot be found downstairs, I can usually be found on this balcony.

Tomorrow, I will show you the roof.


Islagringo said...

One should always wash their fruits and vegetables....especially in this heat!

Anonymous said...

Senor Algodon,
Excellent pad, I agree the balcony would be the place to chill, especially with that view. Also, if possible I'd hang around Melaque, practice my Espanol, learn Gypsy guitar, and chase women, till next May. But that's just me. Thanks for the pics!

Babs said...

I was always known as a "colorist" when designing restaurants - especially Tex-Mex but I must say there are too many colors in this house, even for me. I would imagine the white walls with the juxtaposition of the sea was very, very soothing. BUT it is still a nice pad......glad you're enjoying it.

Steve Cotton said...

Islangringo -- Just a little joke on my part. I always soak mine the moment I bring them back from the market.

Francisco -- You must have received your copy of the curriculum catalog for The Debauchery Finishing School.

Julian from SC said...

I agree with Babs... just too too many different colors. Maybe using half of them would have been better. BUT... I would love to be able to try and get used to them and, for that, I envy you!



Anonymous said...

I agree with Babs. She is usually the perkiest person on blogs. If she is offering criticism, you better sit up and listen. I also want to know who decorated that kitchen? It looks like a North Dakota farm house.


Felipe said...

Babs, you are out of your mind. Mexico is about color. You want white, as Steve has observed, go to Greece. Or Topeka.

Steve, I would live on that second-floor balcony. It needs a hammock.

And you wash your fruits and veggies in the bathroom?! Not in the kitchen? Or was that some sort of nasty humor?

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- It looks as if you have set the pace on the colors. I was perfectly happy with the Mykonos white and blue. The owner obviously wanted more. And they do brighten up the place.

Julian -- Your point is well-taken. I came here for the beach, not for the paint.

Horst -- Nice to see that something finally shook you out of the trees.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- The vegetable-washing was simply a joke that fell flat. I have two dish-washing tubs in the kitchen that I use for my food soaking.

I agree the balcony could use a hammock. Because the house is on an east-west axis, there is almost perpetual shade. I need to talk to the owner about that. And, if I ever need to flee from the color, the balcony is white and blue. As Delft as an Amsterdam china shop.

glorv1 said...

One good thing about individuality is just that. I love all the colors. I feel good with color all around. I could not live in a "white" colored wall home. I would feel like I was hospitalized. For Jiggs though, color really doesn't matter since they can only see in b/ they say. I love your new home and I definitely would sit on the balconey reading and having a colorful drink. Thx for sharing and my best to Jiggs.

Cory said...

Very nice. You are making a guy jealous, who has many years to go before being able to read and nap his days away in a tropical paradise.

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- My drinks seldom get more colorful than Coke Light with a lime. But it goes perfectly with a book and the balcony. Jiggs, on the other hand, prefers the shade of the patio. I think it gets better breezes.

Cory -- A young man with a young family has adventure enough to live each day, Tropical naps can go on hold for another thirty years. Come down for a visit -- before I move off to the interior.

Joe S. said...

Practical matter only; please tell now that I know the result of not "soaking" vegetables, what's the protocol. Real Mexico Virgin.

Mic said...

Strange - must be another of my tastes that are changing but I like all the colors. Makes me feel happier and creatively energetic gazing at the combinations....a very attractively decorated home.

Looking forward to seeing the roof and swimming pool.

It's been a pleasure seeing the pics. Thanks for sharing.

Felipe said...

Steve, you need to set Cory straight with that "tropical paradise" nonsense.

Jonna said...

I'm with Babs, I'm not big on white walls but that selection would send me running for Comex. Plus, I hate rustico furniture. Still, the view is the thing and that is one spectacular view. Pretty nice spot for your first location, can't wait to see where you head next.

Glenn said...

It´s a nice house with or without the colors. You know the best parts--the balcony, and the downstairs hammock.

jennifer rose said...

Bad colors. Bad, bad colors.

I know you can't help that, Steve, but it is within your power to undecorate the toilet.

Steve Cotton said...

Joe -- For many reasons, fruits and vegetables that are to be eaten withot peeling, should be soaked in an iodine or bleach solution for 20 minutes. (I include those that will be peeled.) The common knowledge is that failure to do this will result in extended visits to the toilet. There are dissenters who swear they have never done any soaking and are as healthy as horses. I fall in the "be safe, not quite so sorry" school. By the way, my northern colleagues could probably benefit from similar procedures.

Mic -- Obviously, there are those who like colors. The house was not an accident.

Felipe -- My cousin's son, Cory, is an eternal optimist. He would find everything about Melaque to be practically perfect in every way.

Jonna -- I am a bit concerned the view has spoiled me for subsequent rentals.

Glenn -- Bingo!

Jennifer -- I see that at least one of your lines has been crossed.

Mic said...

on second thought - maybe I would change the living room couch for something calmer.

Steve Cotton said...

Mic -- In fairness, the couch was there when the walls were white.