Tuesday, July 07, 2009

catching the wave

The ocean.

It drew me to Melaque, and I write about it -- a lot.

It is one reason I am living in this part of Mexico.

But having written of the sea, the sand, the surf for about three months now, you may have noticed that I have left out one little fact -- that I have done absolutely nothing in the water.

OK. So I indulged in the writer's prerogative of hyperbole. There were the mentions of wading in the water with Jiggs. But where is the swimming, the snorkeling, the body surfing? Does the ocean provide a mere spectator sport?

Until Monday, it did.

I have mentioned that I have house guests: my good friends Roy and Nancy. They were up early today and wanted to go for a swim. So, out the back gate we went to the beach outside my back door.

One of these days I want to write about the moods of the ocean. But, not today.

On Monday, the ocean was rather benevolent. But the waves on my beach are -- challenging. Challenging in the sense of doing a few rounds with Hulk Hogan.

We decided that we would drive downtown for lunch and then take a swim along the beach where the waves are a bit more tame. And we had a grand time.

I quickly learned to respect the power of the "tamer" waves. I turned my back on one and was sent tumbling head over heels. When I managed to regain my footing, the wave on the way out pulled me down just in time to be buried under another wave.

It was fantastic and frightening. Exactly what one expects of the sea.

When I got home, I discovered that all of my pockets were filled with sand. The danger of drowning was probably small. The danger of being buried in the snd was much higher.

We dressed for dinner.

We had seen a large palapa right on the beach. It looked like a great place for dinner -- despite the general rule: if it has a view, the food will be bad. A friend in town warned us against going.

We went, anyway. And two out of three of our meals were excellent. The view of Navidad Bay would have been worth eating mediocre food.

This visit from my friends has been a real tonic. I have shown off this part of the Mexican coast, and, in the process, I have learned just how much I like living here.

They will be gone tomorrow, but I will still be ready to show off my new home to anyone who stops by.


MxSailor said...

And maybe this fall you can go sailing, too.

Julian in SC said...

Steve, I grew up spending my summers at my grandparent's house on a barrier island (Pawleys Island) off the SC coast.

One thing I learned quickly is that you have four choices with a wave.
1 - Jump up over and through it (only do on medium ones)
2 - Dive into it (as long as it hasn't broken yet)
3 - Hold your nose and sit down to go under and let it go over you (best on those huge ones that are going to break right on you)
4 - Body surf the sucker right up to where you have to take a breath or your suit fills with sand!! *grin*

After a while you kind of sense when a wave is sneaking up on you by feeling the way the water is moving... and can time it pretty good.

I'm glad you had a great time.


Chrissy y Keith said...

The tamer is a nasty wave. I was concked on the noggin pretty good one time after tumbling in the waves. I am glad it was sand and not rocks otherwise I might not be here today. I dont do waves any more.

Darrel said...

Fantastic! You left your seat in the bleachers and ran onto the playing field only to get pummeled by the waves. Now that you have mastered “Chicken Beach”, I will be expecting photos of you chilling with the boys behind the house on your own skim/bogie board.
I bet it has been great to have Roy and Nancy there. With each new guest comes adventure.

Steve Cotton said...

MxSailor -- Another on-water experience. And that one sounds just right.

Julian -- I will probably hold off until my next visitors arrive -- whenever that will be.

Chrissy -- I certainly respect the waves. The water here is great.

Darrel -- Nancy and Roy had a great time -- with the exception of the heat. They head off today.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Highy reccommend sharing your life with friends. We had lots of visitors this year an it was always fun to show them our corner of the world.

Oldest Son would be so proud of you in the waves Dude! Me too. I also enjoy a good but mild tumble.

DanaJ said...

No Photos of you and your friends on the Beach? That might mean you've gone ahead and decided to live in the moment and quit worrying about photos for the blog
like you had previously written.
That's a good thing, I think.

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- I would like to share it with a lot more friends -- if I could only get them to head south. Most preople are using the weather as an excuse (and a good one it is; it is really hot right now, as you know, with worse to come). I had a great time this week.

Steve Cotton said...

DanaJ -- It is a well-known fact that once you reach the age of 25, the camera tells lies about you when you are cavorting on the beach. We felt every bit as young as the fellows in the photograph, who congregate around my yard. So, in spirit, our photograph is posted.

1st Mate said...

Those waves in Melaque are challenging, amigo. You should have seen us landing a dinghy in them. Looked so easy, but you really have to pick your spot because of the sharp dropoff. Once the Capt was going to come in and pick up me and the dogs, and I waved him off: "Don't land here!" I screamed. "Try down there!" Everybody got soaked anyway. It's probably easier in a kayak.

Constantino said...

And I thought it was you in the photo with the board....

Croft Randle said...

My friend, it is not only your pockets that are full of sand when you emerge after a swim in that water!

Steve Cotton said...

1st Mate -- The waves here are not small craft-friendly. We watched a fellow last night attempt to launch a kayak. He was Titaniced numerous times.

Constantino -- But I am in that photograph -- at least, my spirit is.

Croft Randle -- Water washes away a multitude of sandy sins.

Anonymous said...

Your dad decided to swim in the ocean at Mazatlan. A wave took him to the bottom. His swim suit was full of sand. He thought that was enough swimming in the ocean. He lay down on the beach for a nap. That also was a mistake, even the bottom of his feet were sunburned. He hobbled to the room and was grateful for a bed out of the sun.


Steve Cotton said...

Mom -- It must be a small gene pool.

Cory said...

I love the comments from your mom! I miss seeing her, it has been awhile.

Get in the water, enjoy it while you have the opportunity.

The last few years I have attempted to enjoy the beautiful hikes and outdoor opportunities in our area, more often. Once again I was reminded of how blessed we are in the NW while out on a hike ... my family and I stopped on a trail to let a gentleman pass who was going the other direction. As he passed he says something to the fact that this area is so beautiful, and that he never sees areas like this because he is from Arizona.

Another time I was driving to a hike and was stopped by two guys on bicycles asking for directions. They were biking the back roads through OR. I asked them where they were from and found out they were from Germany.

All the way from Germany to ride our backroads! And how many people who live in the city-within 15 miles-don't even know the trails and backroads exist ... and are easy to access and are beautiful!

All this to say ... enjoy where you are, while you have the chance. :)

Steve Cotton said...

Cory -- Good points all.