Monday, July 06, 2009

my own tin rin tin

Buddy Ebsen, as we all know, was originally cast to play the role of the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. But, a little trouble with the makeup created one of those Eve Harrington moments, and we see Jack Haley's face through the silver makeup now.

If Victor Fleming had waited a mere seventy years, he could have had entertainment's ultimate Tin Man -- Professor Jiggs.

I drove down to Manzanillo on Sunday with Roy, one of my house guests. He wanted to see whether Manzanillo was a good site for a subsequent visit. He decided it was.

But the primary reason was to retrieve my golden boy. He had been at the veterinarian since Friday for a scheduled removal of several tumors on his neck.

I had doubts about the need for the surgery. Jiggs is old and the tumors did not seem to bother him. But the veterinarian was convinced that Jiggs would feel better without them.

We have all learned that Jiggs is resilient. And he bounced back easily from the general anesthetic.

But I am glad Roy went with me. The bill was substantial, and I was without cash -- as you may recall from yesterday's post.

Mel Brooks would have been impressed with the stitches on Jiggs's neck. But there was more to come.

I am supposed to apply a spray-on medication to his neck each day. When the deed is done, Jiggs looks as if he is the next Jack Haley -- or a budding Borg colonist.

I took the photograph above of Jiggs, not solely as an homage to
American Mommy in Mexico, but as the best way to show off his new-found celebrity.

Buddy Ebsen, of course, went on to become a larger cultural icon than the Tin Man. There is not a child of my generation who would not recognize Jed Clampett or his accidental shooting to the top of Hollywood Hills.

And Jiggs the Indomitable, though he looks like some form of scientific experiment gone wrong, was still able to charm all of us on last night's balcony.


Anonymous said...

Great photos...has Jiggs decided he really does like being a model after all? He looks like one happy contented dog. I'm sure he's enjoying the house guests as much as you are. BTW, Rin Tin Tin was one of my favourite shows as a youngster. Sorry to hear about the loss of your wallet.

Steve Cotton said...

Anonymous -- The way that Jiggs can work a room, he may have a career in politics -- though he missed his big opportunity on Sunday.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Ahh well done back shot with just a hint of the full view ...

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- I learned from an expert.

glorv1 said...

Ah Jiggs, always the one to steal the show. He is all smiles so I guess he is doing good. What a family pet member, so very brave. My hugs for the handsome Jiggs. By the way, I'm sorry about your wallet and important info inside.

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- Jiggs is happy. I will soon have all of my financial pieces put together. Life will roll on.

mdoneil said...

I am glad Professor Jiggs is back home and tumor free.

I am in Mexico for a few weeks, I was going to look at houses, but I had decided to rent rather than buy at first as you have done. I think that may be the way to do.

In Yucatan all the papers are full of the happy election news. I was in Vallodlid Saturday, and Merida Sunday and I was given a pamphlet about election laws in the plaza, I could turn in all sorts of people in the states for telling me how to vote if only the US had the same laws.

Does Jigs have reverse racoon eyes from wearing his sunglasses?

On the bright side of the wallet loss, the government has extended the deadline to get your license plates renewed until the end of December so it said in this mornings paper.

Jan said...

Hi looks like he still has a lot of life left to live. Glad you had the tumors removed! He'll be better.

Steve Cotton said...

Mdoneil -- Those reverse racoon eyes were earned with 13 years of experience -- not unlike my waistline. Good idea on renting.

Jan -- He is quite the guy.

BoBo's Mom said...

Great news. Jiggs is a wonder dog!

Steve Cotton said...

BoBo's Mom -- He is indeed.

Liz said...

Jiggs, like my Bear, is indeed a happy boy.
I luv me some doggie !!!
Mata ne

Steve Cotton said...

Liz -- Jiggs is not so happy with me right now, He is barking for me to get downstairs to pay attention to him. And I will.