Thursday, July 30, 2009

simmering in the park with jorge


At one point on Wednesday, that was the heat index in the afternoon. I don't know how long it stayed that high, but it was hot all day. Hot all week. Hot all month.

I need to look at the weather records for the area, but the hearty expatriates, who stay during the Melaque summer, tell me that this summer has seemed hotter than the summers of memory. Sometimes, perception is everything.

Of course, in my memory, I was once tall, handsome, and witty. That is why I want to look at the records.

I am not a fan of heat. But even I have underestimated the impact that high temperatures and lack of sleep can have. I sat in my Spanish class today having no trouble translating from the page in front of me, but I could not interpret anything when I heard it.

Jiggs seems to be just as befuddled. We go on our walks, and he just stops at street corners as if making a decision is too much work. A herd of cats could run by, and he would pay them no heed.

"Oregon summers are perfect." That refrain bounces through my over-heated cranium now and then when I start wondering how I ended up in this heat. But even that is not true this week.

Salem has literally been sweltering with temperatures in excess of 100 degrees for several days now. Mercifully, the humidity is lower than here --I don't think they have managed to hit the 114 mark. But there would be no real relief if I were in Oregon this week, rather than in Villa Obregon.

There is one bright spot in this weather -- other than the sun.

For some reason, our beach is coming alive with local tourists. The buses have been hauling in fresh faces as if the World Cup finals were taking place in town.

There are feet on the beach. Hands in the shops. And bottoms in restaurant chairs.

The place had the feel of a main street in a ghost town just a month ago. Today it is alive -- despite the heat.

There may be another post nestled in that thought.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, I just got home from dinner with my girlfriend who just arrived from Barra de Navidad. I asked her about all the sweltering heat I had been reading about and she said Barra wasn't bad. She also mentioned the way Melaque is situated it doesn't get the breeze that Barra does. Just a thought for your next stay. All the best to you and your master. Joan

Felipe said...

We sleep with the bedroom window shut to keep out the night chill of summertime in the Sierras. It is 7 a.m. as I write this, and the temperature on the upstairs terraza reads 51 degrees. It will soar into the 70s this afternoon. Heh, heh.

Julian in SC said...

Since we are now facing similar weather here in Upstate SC and will for the next month or so, I can relate well. Just keep your fans oiled!!

Our trouble is the humidity -- well, welcome to the South. I was born and raised here and I still can't believe that I lived my first 18 years in a house with no air conditioning! It is really what you get used to, isn't it?


Calypso said...

OK - I see by your photo there are real people that buy those little bikinis - life is grand -

Better come over here and checkout the weather on the east coast of Mexico (upland a bit) Having lived in Oregon 16 years - I can tell you the weather is better here - ALL the time ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Joan -- It must be like those disputes between St Paul and Minneapolis. There is little difference in temperature between houses near the beach in Melaque and Barra. I found last year when I spent a week here, I could put up with the heat because I was leaving eventually.

Felipe -- Yes. I know. You live in weather heaven. And I think your assessment is not mere bravado; you are correct. This morning the temperature is 81 with humidity of 85%. I chuckled when I was opening up the house. It felt a bit chilly. Perhaps I have gone native.

Julian -- And it is amazing how well we humans adapt -- over time.

Calypso -- The photograph is of real people on the beach outside of my house. But we do not often get the jet set look here. I will confess it is a photograph of Jiggs's model friends from May. The guys look like the skim boarders who congregate on the beach. But we do not see many women in small swim costumes. Most of the women here dress as if they were on sabbatical from the convent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Hang in there...your reward will be arriving no later than Dec. 1st
You will then be living in a oceanside paradise weatherwise, and the beauty of it is, it's gonna last for six months!

Anonymous said...

The temperature goes up and you get to watch this on your beach. Sounds like a fair trade to me.


Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- I am already having some rewards. Our walk this morning was great. Jiggs showed off for a younger dog. Good way to start a good day -- even if I am doing nothing but laundry.

Horst -- There are moments. Actually, more than moments.

1st Mate said...

My friend in Aloha, OR reports 109-degree temps. She's headed for the coast today!

Oh, and you are still witty.

Steve Cotton said...

1st Mate -- Why, thank you, ma'am. Your Oklahoma charm is showing. I notice you did not mention the tall and handsome portions of that sentence. But I settle for what I can get.

Anonymous said...

hi steve,

thank you for welcoming me back. it is nice to be home except i thought i'd be coming back to cool temps, not the 102 that we reached yesterday-hotter than miami for a few days now. it is definitely weird weather everywhere this year. texas is having a horrible drought with one lake getting so low that they have taken out cars that had been stolen years ago and dumped there.

glad to hear you and the professor enjoyed your walk this morning. my 14 year old jack does not like the heat either-walks like an old man instead of his usual spry self. it's supposed to start cooling off soon-hopefully that is the corrrect forecast-they changed it a time or two.

take care,

Leslie Limon said...

This summer has been a scorcher, mostly due to the lack of rain. How is Jiggs handling the heat? Best of luck with your español!!!

glorv1 said...

Yes, best of luck in that hot hot weather. Ayeeee, I feel for Jiggs. Well, you like adventure, there you have it. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome to come visit me in Boston. Here we had been having trouble breaking 75 to the upside, though lately it's been a smidgen warmer. Now it's 74, which is a pretty nice summer's day.

And I think you're still witty too.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where many natives like it just fine in the 40's and 50's.

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- At least, I can expect temperatures this high. Seattle -- not so much.

Leslie -- Jiggs is holding up all right in the heat. But he is learning the joys of electric fans.

Gloria -- Hot adventure, at that.

Kim -- My people left Boston to escape the heat (of course, it as political heat), and look where I end up.