Wednesday, August 12, 2009

follow the yellow brick beach

My neighbor and I were discussing last night how difficult it is to describe some of the Melaque sunsets to our familiy and friends.

It goes beyond mere perception -- the fact that most of what we think we see is modified by our individual brains. Sometimes, people simply cannot conceive some of the colors we experience each night.

A perfect example is the yellow sky we see only during this time of the year. Most tropical sunsets are famous for their reds. Melaque's best color is almost a canary yellow.

I took the photograph at the top of the post last July when I visited the area. I knew nothing of the yellow sunsets. All I knew was the display was stunning.

The sky turned yellow, but so did the reflection on the ocean -- and on the sand.

Those skimboard lads looked as if they were about to sail off over a large bowl of lemon gelatin -- the veritable Mexican treat.

Melaque is certainly not paradise. But it has its moments. And sunsets like this are some of the best.


Anonymous said...

that picture is definitely stunning. thanks for sharing it again.


Anonymous said...

Your photo illustrates why living near the ocean is hard to beat.

Babs said...

Grrreat photo!

Islagringo said...

Isla certainly has its' fair share of beautiful sunsets. But nothing like the ones we saw driving the Pacific Hwy. Especially in Mazatlan. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous picture.

Calypso said...

Looks like paradise at that moment - as you suggest no place is paradise always - but it is great fun when it is for a time ;-)

Anonymous said...

refraction and angstrom units.

bah, humbug!

Julian in SC said...

Wow... what a sunset. That one was just gorgeous. I have always loved sunrises and sunsets and have collected a number of them -- this one just got added to the pile.



1st Mate said...

Sometimes beauty like that is reason enough to be where you are, at least for a time. Wish the blog format allowed you to use it bigger, it's one of the best shots you've done.

Here in San Carlos, sometimes we see apricot skies in the late afternoon. Que mágico! My camera doesn't do it justice.

Ruth said...

Beautiful picture. Have you ever seen the green flash just as the sun sinks below the horizon? I would like to see that sometime.

maria luz said...

Lovely shot! Thanks! Helps me get a quickie beach fix.

I love the beach, but I don't handle the heat well anymore. But that won't stop me from visiting whenever I just have to go sit on the sand.

Lovely writing, as usual!


Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- Glad you like it. It is one of my favorites.

Francisco -- I can almost forgive the bugs when I get to see sunsets like that. Almost.

Babs -- Gracias.

Islagringo -- One of these days I will get over to see yours.

Calypso -- And the good thing is: I am not looking for paradise.

Anonymous -- Ah. The dulcid tones of science.

Julian -- Happy to have added to the collection. The sunsets here are stunners. Take a look at Nancy's post today. She has some great shots:

1st Mate -- I am convinced that cameras will never be able to do what our minds do with spectacular events like sunsets.

Ruth -- I have seen the green flash three times. Once while sitting in a restaurant with friends in Oregon, once on a cruise off the coast of southern Africa, and once on a cruise in Hawaii. Spectacular -- but brief.

Maria Luz -- Thank you very much. It is my pleasure.

Canadiangrl said...

a truly magnificent shot..thanks for providing a warm Mexican moment on a cool Canadian night!

Steve Cotton said...

Canadiangrl -- Always glad to share the benefits of melaque.