Saturday, August 01, 2009

reel fun

Friday was movie night.

Friday or Saturday is going to be movie night -- until I decide to do something different.

That means I may -- or may not -- do a daily post.

Today, it means -- not. Or sorta'.

The movie choice? Evil Under the Sun. More for Maggie Smith's wit than a commentary on the weather, I hope. Served up with Hoisin chicken over penne pasta.

No review. No discussion of social relevance.

Just a night at the movies. Agatha Christie. Cole Porter. Death. What could be better?

I hope your night was just as enjoyable.


Felipe said...

This is it? You call this a pinche post? Finally getting weary, ain´t you?

jennifer rose said...

I spent another night with The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- I started an essay on civility. Instead, I decided to do something civilized. We are all better for it.

Jennifer -- Would you recommend it? It may go on my read table.

Mic said...

Omigosh! an Agatha Christie that I haven't seen! Will have to find it. Have recently been taping and watching the Miss Marple series on PBS . I like them - Husband doesn't. TCM also has shown some grand old flicks recently.

What a wonderful way to spend Fridays.

So sorry your pool deflated during the hot season :-(

American Mommy in Mexico said...

"A Man for All Seasons" the 60s movie is what I watched a couple nights ago. Very good.

Leslie Limon said...

Sounds like you had an amazing night! (Good to hear!) But your posts about the movies makes me wish that our local video place had "older" and better quality movies!

Anonymous said...

I own that suit the guy with the pipe is wearing is wearing. It's a wool, martini plaid, double-breasted suit from the 1940s. I found it in a thrift store, and I have actually worn to social events.

I really like the style.


Steve Cotton said...

Mic -- This was a follow-on of Death on the Nile. Both were very good -- and filled with some great performances.

Leslie Limon -- Maybe I should open a "classics" lending library. Of course, to me, they are recent releases.

Anonymous (jrh) -- When I posted the picture, I thought it was you and J. Either that or Tamara and Tadeusz.

Jan said...

Evil Under the Sun is one of my favorite movies and I love the Cole Porter music. It was so beautifully filmed. I've seen it maybe 20 times and I'll watch it again. How wonderful for you.

Steve Cotton said...

Jan -- It is fun movie. And the use of Cole Porter music was a brilliant mix.

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- A great film choice. Though, the real More was far less heroic and far more lawerly than the film portrays.