Saturday, September 12, 2009

all the old familiar faces

Holga lens.

If someone had asked me what it was last year, I most likely would have responded: Wasn't that what the space shuttle Endeavor repaired in 1994?

I now know better. Because I am a faithful reader of

Billie blogs on many topics. But photography is her passion. And she knows her stuff.

I now know that a Holga camera has a simple lens that can add unusual clarity or distortions to an exposure. Many photographers, with an artistic bent, adore the results.

As you know, my camera is dead. It is not a Holga. But Holga images are dancing in my head for two reasons.

First, Billie returned to Mexico after a four-month sojourn in Houston. We are pleased to see her (and Ned) back.

Second, I discovered I do have a camera. With a Holgaish lens.

Before my brother left in May, he insisted that I use one of his sophisticated cellular telephones. My mobiles have always been very vanilla. Looking through the manual the other day, I discovered it also has a camera.

After several false starts, I got this shot of Jiggs, who had snuck away to be left on his own. You can see that he is pleased to see neither me nor the camera.

But I rather like the look of this lens. It is almost as if Matthew Brady showed up in our era -- and was not quite certain how to use the technology.

This may end up being my emergency camera until I can buy the Panasonic.

It seems that everything works out in Mexico -- given enough time and patience.


Billie said...

Ahh, Steve, you have a cellie-holga. And you have become an artist

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Absolutely right! I agree totally, everything works out in Mexico, given enough time and patience. I have a thousand examples. Hmmm, I smell I blog post. . .

When I moved back from the beach to Joco, my old dog Rosie was on her last legs from the HEAT and she also had erlichiosis (sp?) (from cow ticks). Mind you, I used 3 medications and still picked about 30 ticks off of her each day during the heavy season in Sayulita.
ANYWAY, Dr. Ladron brought her back to health and she was so much more comfortable in the climate here that I had her for another 2 years!
Hope to meet Prof Jiggs one day, I like his attitude.

Inmigrante Rentista said...

Is that a smile on Jigg's snout?

glorv1 said...

Ah Mr. Jiggs! What a sight for sore eyes. I have no idea about that camera talk, but the picture makes my day. Take care.

1st Mate said...

I like the painting-like quality, and of course Jiggs is always one of my favorite subjects. You're turning into a sort of impressionist!

mdoneil said...

Emergency camera? You are certainly not Mexican.

Nice to see Jiggs relaxing.

Steve Cotton said...

Billie -- Cellie-holga. Like it. I tried a few more shots today. But they are difficult to manipulate.

Mexican Trailrunner -- When we arrived, and after Jiggs got his land legs again, the heat seemed to be good for his hips. But it is so hot now that the heat is a burden on his respiratory system. Maybe the highlands would be an improvement for him.

Inmigrante Rentista -- I think that is just a lolling tongue. He hates cameras.

Gloria -- Then Jiggs has met his purpose for life for this day.

1st Mate -- Thank you most kindly, ma'am.

Mdoneil -- He finds very few places these days where he is comfortable. Getting through this heat is an ordeal for him.

BoBo's Mom said...

Nice to see Jiggs relaxing. Since he is looking more like a golden instead of a lab, I am guessing it's almost time for a new haircut :)

Steve Cotton said...

BoBo's Mom -- You are correct. After your "mink coat" comment, I felt his coat and realized how thick it is getting again. When he stays with his veterinarian, it will be a good time for another clip. I just hope not so drastic this time.