Friday, September 11, 2009

i forget -- what is "amnesia?"

I miss my camera. Any camera.

Each day since I broke my old Nikon, I have seen some great shots. A rustic fence framing a contemporary home. Children at the beach. And, Thursday night, a glorious sunset filtered through soft rain.

The photograph at the top of this post is one of the last I took with that camera. It was a great sunset camera. But the sunsets here are almost no-miss subjects. A third grader with a Brownie could get a good shot of these summer beaches.

I have found no one in town willing to tackle trying to fix my unique camera. A trip to Manzanillo may be the only option.

I do know one thing, There is too much going on around here at the moment to be without a camera. Either I get mine fixed -- or I will buy something inexpensive simply to catch moments before they fade.

And I need photographs. Some people can look through albums and have memories triggered. For me, the photograph is the full memory.

Either I get a camera or I am going to suffer the equivalent of two weeks of amnesia.

I would rather not forget sunsets like this.


Anonymous said...

Kind of reminds me of the old saying "The things you see, when you don't have your gun" Looking forward to your photos from paradiso.

Julian in SC said...

Seems like at the prices I've seen lately you would be better off getting a new camera on your trip up NOB.

I agree on the pictures. They are the absolute best way to bring a memory right back so you can savor it again and again.


Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- The lingo of cameras and guns have lots of similarities.

Julian -- If I get something down here, it will be very simple.

Larry in Mazatlan said...

Anything you buy here is going to be expensive. We had to replace our camera a short while ago because of battery issues. We found the best price on Amazon and had it sent to a friend who muled it down. You could have it sent to yourself for your visit north.

As for pictures, we post ours on and then order prints to be sent to friends and family. Very inexpensive, and they provide really good prints. Maybe have a set of prints sent to yourself that you could show off when you get there.


Howard said...

If you are going to try to get it fixed here you will find few places prepared to tackle it. Your best closest bet is Laboratorio Julio on Colon in the historic section of Guadalajara. That is where I had to take my Canon lenses. They did a good job, at a very reasonable price (half the Canadian cost) but were fairly slow.

Steve Cotton said...

Larry -- I may have solved the camera problem. It has been in my hand all along.

Howard -- I may not need to get it fixed. But thanks for the advise. I may need it if I change my mind. I still have not made it up the road to Guadalajara yet.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Hey steve, guadalajara farmacia has a in expensive kodak easy shot camera that I am getting some/not all good shots......with ..

only 1000 pesos. I bought mine by morelia michoacan when I just could not bear it any longer

though I am back in Portland now. Where abouts are you staying..? your in PV right?

Steve Cotton said...

PuertoVallartaGirl -- I live in Melaque. The next time I am in Manzanillo I will look around. I need to go down to drop off Jiggs at his veterinarian.