Saturday, October 31, 2009

elementary, my dear watson

I now have a better idea why the turkey vultures are vacationing at the beach. It appears to be Carrion Fisher week.

While walking along the shore, I have found the usual array of dead puffer fish along with assorted bait fish.

But last night, I found the treasure at the top of the post.

It was about the length of my arm. But I have no idea what it is.

My first guess was a new-born dolphin. The head has that distinctive look, even though the teeth do not seem correct.

And if it is a dolphin, it is one with severe birth defects. There are no flippers and the tail is not correct.

The tail is what makes me think this is a deep sea fish of some sort. All of the propulsion and motion stabilization appears to be in the tail with very limited fin structure.

The cause of death does not require Sherlock Holmes to give us an answer, though. If you look closely you can see a large fish caught in the creature's (such an Edwardian word) mouth. And without available arms on fellow fishes, the Heimlich maneuver is always out of the question.

Anyone want to toss your line into the fish-naming pool? I have run out of ideas.


Felipe said...

Thanks a bunch for that morning photo.

Calypso said...

I'm guessing a Moray eel - ran into a few of them scuba diving - very unsavory characters.

comitan said...

Moray eel

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- Kim has accused both of us of dwelling too much on death. Maybe he is correct.

Calypso -- I should have thought of that based on the teeth and the body shape.

Comitan -- You may indeed be correct.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the majority...looks like some kind of eel.

el jubilado said...

Is that a fish tail in his mouth and filling the front of his bod. Maybe was his downfall

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- Another vote for the Eel of Moray. (A little humor at the cost of the Scottish peerage.)

El Jubilado -- It is a fish tail. Either the fish choked the eel or some fisherman stuck it in there after netting the beastie.

Anonymous said...

When I pulled up your blog and viewed the picture, my first thought was that it was an eel. But then what do I know?


Steve Cotton said...

Mom -- I think what you would know is correct.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, Steve. Since it's October 31st, my first thought was it's your Halloween "treat" for the neighborhood kids. But, of course it could also be the sacrificial "eel" for Día del Muerto. Alee' ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Alee' -- I think you may have started two new customs in one comment. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

ah come on felipe, you can handle it ;-)

steve, i guess i have a strong stomach because i am sitting here eating my brunch and the picture does not bother me. i saw several of those in chacala and figured it was some kind of eel. it appears that's the general consensus and i think we are all right.

any special plans for halloween? i went to a dance last night and the friend i went with met someone special. funny, i had danced with him first and thought my friend would enjoy meeting him and lo and behold they did meet, i didn't even have to introduce them.

happy halloween and day of the dead. perhaps you can make a little altar for the professor. did you ever put him in a costume for halloween? i tried putting a wig on jack yesterday and he was NOT happy.

enough for now. take care,

glorv1 said...

I don't understand how that big fish could choke on a smaller fish?? Beats me what it is. It was put there to scare you is what I think. heheheehe. Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing perhaps a sort of eel, the type you see emerging from under rocks at night in shallow water off the beach in Hawaii. We baited them with old chicken bones. Nasty teeth.

This one I am guessing was killed in a pedestrian mall accident. It was probably looking at something quite nice in a window, its mouth was open with a big OOOOOOOoooooooo! when the littler fish, not watching where she was going, swam right into his gullet. She was unable to dislodge herself because of the large purse she was carrying.

This is as far as my powers of deduction have gotten me.

A Nony Moose

Alan said...

At least it was not one of the bodies found by one of our cohorts out of Mill Creek. It also looks like one that several of my esteemed plaintiffs counsels offered me in exchange for me retiring! Blessings as you prepare for Sunday class.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Wow! I looked at it and said outloud "What the h is that?" I couldn't even begin to guess. All I can say is run, hide! If that is an eel, I am never, ever going diving or even swimming!
yuck,yuck and double ick.

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- Just returned from five Halloween parties. Lots of fun.

ANM -- I guess Watson is not answering his telephone these days.

Alan -- Ah, yes. Those were the days.

Theresa -- I think the people who guessed "eel" are correct. But it was a bit bloated.

Anonymous said...

Five parties-oh my! I had fun passing out candy. I put on a black wig and bandana and even one of my neighbor kids didn't recognize me. Said he thought I was a teenager. Funny, I've heard similar things when wearing wigs for Halloween, but I'm happy with my gray hair.

Have a great week!

Steve Cotton said...

Gloria -- I tend to agree that the way the fish is in the eel's mouth, it does not seem natural It may have been a warning by a Godfather fish.

Teresa -- I only made it to three and had to return home. I must be getting old -- with or without a wig.

Islagringo said...

I think it is called "why I don't go in the water".

Steve Cotton said...

Islagringo -- I thought of you when I posted it.