Sunday, October 18, 2009

six sundays of rest

Two years ago, I named this blog "Same Life, New Location" because I knew that no matter where I traveled, the things that make up my life would travel along with me.

One of those weights in my baggage is I am incapable of saying "no" whenever I am asked to do something. And that has once again proven to be true.

Last Sunday, I was invited to lead the sermons for the next six weeks. Of course, I said "yes."

That means that for the next six weeks, I will be dedicating my time to putting together sermon materials. As a result, I suspect there will not be a Sunday post on those days.

For those of you who are interested, we will be discussing Philip Yancey's book -- Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?

If you are in the area, feel free to stop by our little church -- San Patricio by the Sea -- for services at 10:30 AM.


Anonymous said...

those folks are lucky to have you giving the sermon for 6 weeks. beware of them asking you to take over all together-they'll probably like you that much! thanks for mentioning the book, sounds like a good read.

have a great day steve!


Felipe said...

Steve, consider doing what we Mexicans do when faced with a request we prefer to turn down: Say yes, and then don´t do it. Vanish.

I know, in this case, you did indeed want to do it, but you´ve always got the Mexican option. It´s very popular here.

Anonymous said...

My God! Six full weeks of finger-wagging instruction,
clearing the place of sinners faster than an Orkin agent spreading cockroach panic in a New York City cold water flat.

Past the age of over-dressed angels back-lighted with full spectrum illumination and carrying golden swords, we've come to this: an expatriate lawyer in bermuda tans articulating the nuances of biblical text from the heuristic stance of administrative law.

I see it all now:

A hand in the congregation rises and the person asks, full of hope: "Does the Almighty have an alternate dispute resolution program?"

Another hand goes up: "Will we be discussing the notion of causation at a distance, getting beyond Hume's tired old billiard balls?"

And yet another hand goes up: "Is the Little Train that Could practicing a form of efficacious prayer as he repeats to himself, struggling up the mountain, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"? Or is his failure to implore the help of deity a sign of arrogant egoism and man-centered activity?

The way ahead, Old Friend, is filled with danger and madness. Gird your loin-chops.

A Nony Moose

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Felipe's suggestion would go over all that well with an English-speaking group of expats. Nor do I believe you could actually pull it off.

But it's an amusing suggestion.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we personally find just saying "no" gets easier with the passing years.

Laurie said...

As long as someone offers a Sunday dinner afterwards, I think it's a fair deal.

jennifer rose said...

Here comes Cotton Mather, hopping down the bunny trail...

Charles said...

Steve - as long as you do a potluck after the service you'll be popular big time! (Sounds like I'm dissing but I'm really not - but most pastors I have known show no signs of anorexia!)

As far as Felipe is concerned - he will probably be the one in the last pew finishing off the communion wafers and wine because his beautiful senora rushed him out the door before cafecita and pastries on the Jesus patio!

Take care and buena suerte -

Steve Cotton said...

Teresa -- It was great fun on Sunday morning. I enjoyed it even though I have come down with some sort of virus.

Felipe -- In this case, I really wanted to offer my services. But I will keep your option in mind -- even though it goes against 60 years of training.

ANM -- Ah, friend. You know me well. But our imaginations run in diferent streams.

Kim -- You will need to teach me the art of saying "no."

Laurie -- Well, we did go out to lunch. Dutch treat.

Jennifer Rose -- And this is the point where my mixed genes come into play.

Charles -- I do like the picture you drew of Felipe. It would be great to have him at one of these sessions.

Irene said...

With the beautiful Pacific so close by be sure to keep those sermons short.

Steve Cotton said...

Irene -- Mine are group discussions. They run as long as people want to talk. Clever, eh?