Saturday, October 10, 2009

size of relief

If we are to live in the moment, it is moments like this that make life a joy.

I woke up this morning to a practically perfect day. Blue sky. Warm air. And the morning sounds peculiar to Mexico.

The American South may have its mockingbirds. But they cannot match our vendor calls mixed with vaguely-Germanic music from car stereos.

After a day of deluge and another of drizzle, the air is now user-friendly. No need for any Jacques Cousteau equipment to breathe. Even with the humidity at 83%, 77 is a very nice temperature.

A great time to reflect on the past week.

My one project (to find a place to live from December through April) is not going well. I have eliminated a lot of choices. But my apartment search yesterday was not fruitful.

Today I am going to look at a local bungalow. I also have a few leads for next week.

But I need to make a decision within the next three weeks. In November, I will be gone for two weeks -- and it will then be time to pack up my few goods in Mexico, and head to a new home.

I stopped by Ricky's last night. You may recall that in addition to being my Spanish teacher, he runs a restaurant near my house.

I joined a group of people, all of whom I had met in the past. And we had a hoot simply enjoying each other's company. With representatives from Costa Rica, England, France, Canada, and the United States, (and with quite varying backgrounds) we could have been the core characters of a Graham Greene novel -- with just a touch of Kurt Vonnegut.

The temperature and relaxed conversation gave me my second night of good sleep this week.

I am beginning to think this adventure is a remake of a Busby Berkeley musical. Everything will turn out fine in the end -- and I get a big production number to boot.


Babs said...

Claudia, whose name you gave to me, told me on the phone the other night that she has three or four places for the winter. The one she sent photos of to me was right on the beach and I think, was a 1 bedroom for $800 inclusive. Have you checked with her? I now have January in Melaque and a place near Rincon de Guayabitos confirmed for February. I'm a happy beach girl........

el jubilado said...

Claudia ... OMG, I'll be glad to send you the PM's she sent me when I tried to help rent my place. She thinks she is the rental Queen of Melaque. Also very crazy and to be avoided at all costs.

You dismissed my place Steve but it's not that easy to find places over winter. That is still a possibility but my upstairs neighbor will be checking with landlord as his freinds and relatives always need places