Wednesday, December 09, 2009

being good on the cheap

My good friend, Gary Denness, over at The Mexile, needs your help.

For the past four years he has taken on almost Herculean labors in the name of good works. Out of pain, he hopes to raise money for his favorite charity: Wildcoast.

Because you are a clever lot, your minds are already rushing ahead of me. Just say the word "charity," and the excuses start forming: "I gave at the office."

Lower those defensive shields. There is actually good news. Very good news. No need to reach for that beloved coin purse. He is not hitting us up for a donation.

He is doing the hard work: raising money by running advertisements on a blog he has created for this grueling event.

And here is all you have to do. Click on either of the following two links:
Insurgentes Mexico City or Tours Mexico City.

That's it. By doing that, you will improve Gary's event page ranking on Google. Advertisers like that.

Doing good could not be easier.

You'll feel better. And the Pacific coast will be the better for it.


MD in Texas said...

How easy was that!

So, if we keep going back to his blogs will our "vote" count again?

Steve Cotton said...

MD -- I think the answer is that each time you click on either link,it counts as a hit for him.

Julian in SC said...

I will be clicking there every now and then to add up the "clicks" -- it is rather easy. Just bookmark and go.

Hope it works 'cause I'm gonna click away!

Glad you made us aware!


Jackie said...

Click, click, click

Steve Cotton said...

Julian -- Thanks.

Jackie -- Do. Do. Do.