Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the russians are coming; the russians are coming

But don't expect to see Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner, or even John Philip Law.

This time the Russians are not invading New England.

Russians are clever enough to forsake winters that remind them of their own. This clever lot is coming to Manzanillo to dance their hearts out for a public starved for haute culture.

Do not expect dancing bears or prancing Cossacks. We are talking ballet here.

And if it is Russian. And if it is Christmas. Can the strains of the celesta be far behind?

The lucky folks who attend will get their annual fix of sugar plum fairies and waltzing flowers from THe Nutcracker Suite. Not to mention the vaguely disturbing presence of "Uncle" Drosselmeyer. Every piece of good art needs tension.

But they will get more. The Russian company will also present several other dance pieces.

For those of us who complain that the Mexican Pacific coast is short on high cultural events, this is an opportunity to put our pesos where our mouths are and our butts in seats.

So, when is all of this happening? Next Sunday, 13 December at the Marbella Salon in Manzanillo.

One of our favorite bloggers,
New beginnings in Manzanillo, is promoting this event. And those of us who know her should be there to lend our cultural-starved hands. It was through her efforts that Professor Jiggs lived as long as he did in Mexico.

No. That sounds manipulative. We should be there because it will be a good time. And fun is a good enough reason for anyone.

I know it is for me.


Mic said...

Omigosh...wish I could see it!! We'll enjoy it vicariously thru your description.

Merry Christmas :-)

Islagringo said...

Lucky you. Lately around here our biggest cultural event is watching workmen unload cement blocks from trucks!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could encourage the local crafts folk to create nesting dolls of all the recent presidents of Mexico. And they should do it in limited numbers so they can be collectible. Then convince the Russians that it's a pre-hispanic tradition and that they absolutely must buy them.

Or suffer the fate of another hallowed pre-hispanic tradition.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we'd love to celebrate some pre-puritan tradition. Any one would do.

Steve Cotton said...

Mic -- I am looking forward to it.

Islagringo -- I trust this event might be a little less -- manual.

Kim -- The problem is the Russians have a few customs that may put the Mayans to shame.