Saturday, December 26, 2009

jack frost nips into town

We awoke this morning to weather I have not seen since -- last Christmas.

On Christmas Day, a light dusting of snow fell.

But this morning we had a Disney moment.

The weather decided to take a treacherous turn. Fog and freezing temperature.

A pilot's nightmare. But almost dreamlike from the sanctuary of the living room.

The fog froze on each twig making trees look as if they were ready to be sold from the flocked section in the Christmas tree lot. (Someone out there must remember flocked trees.)

I will not see the likes of this display for some time.

In a few days, I am on my way back to Mexico. To ponder where my adventure will take me next.


Mic said...

So happy to see you aback online sharing your wonderful adventures.

Had much the same type views for Christmas up's so beautiful when the branches are frosted and laden with glistening snow. From reports, we were again warmer than much of the Lower 48....which is surprisingly often the case in winter.

Calypso said...

Very glad that winter wonderland is your reality and not mine amigo.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a beautiful picture!!!

from somewhere in the pacific, approaching Costa Rica, Corrinne

Babs said...

I'm leaving on Friday morning (tomorrow) for Melaque. I'll be at Bungalo Mayorca for the month of January. Woo Hoo........Hope to c u .

Steve Cotton said...

Mic -- Good to hear that you had a nice Christmas.

Calypso -- One day of freezing fog was good for me. Otherwise, I have had two weeks of rain.

Corrine -- Thanks. It made for a beautiful (and cold) walk.

Babs -- I will see you when I return on the 9th.