Sunday, January 31, 2010

funding like cats and dogs

Wherever two or more expatriates are located, there will be a fundraiser.

My fellow blogger, Felipe, seems to draw a distinction between Do-Gooders (not so good) and people involved in Good Causes (maybe better).  I don't.  That may be because I end up being dumped in both camps.

Several people I know down here are very involved in an organization known as Cisco's Amigos.  The group's chief aim is to sponsor neutuer and spay clinics for local cats and dogs.

The clinics work.  The number of stray animals has been greatly reduced since the clinics began in 2004.

Like most projects, this one is fueled by volunteer activity.  But there are always expenses.

That is where the fundraisers come in.  Today's was a combination of two of the best: bingo and a silent auction.

I am not a bingo player.  And no amount of torture will get me to include a sarcastic comment about the game or its players.  It raises money for the welfare of cats and dogs.  That is all we need for the content of this post.  (That.  And to avoid humming "And Bingo is his name-o.")

But I love silent auctions.  Not because I am good at snatching up bargains.  I am not,  But because I simply like to donate money in return for some bit of memorabilia.  Rather like the $500 tote bag from public broadcasting -- proof positive that some people should not spend too much time in the free market.

The event would have not been possible if Restaurant El Marino in Villa Obregon had not offered its dining area for the full afternoon.  I have not eaten dinner there.  I intend to do so now.  One good deed deserves another.

I would do a great disservice to the good people who put together this event if I did not mention that dogs and cats are not their only concern.  Many of the same people are also involved in providing services and funds to a local senior home and to poor, local children.  We are blessed with Good Causes galore.

So, for those of you who think we beach dwellers live only for sand and a larger glass, come over sometime and drop a few pesos in the Good Cause bucket.  Who knows?  It may actually do good.


Anonymous said...

This post made my day...there are far too many unwanted and unfed animals everywhere.
Cheers to the people that give their time and money to do what they can.

1st Mate said...

My favorite fundraiser was last week: a luncheon and fashion show that brings out just about every woman in San Carlos. All the proceeds go to the SPBA, which funds the animal spay/neuter program here. A hugely successful girl-bonding kinda thing.

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- Happy to have been of service.

1st Mate -- The ladies will be served.