Saturday, March 06, 2010

mexico dreamin'

I should be waking up in Pátzcuaro this morning.

Or Guanajuato.

Or Morelia.

But not in Villa Obregon.

This was supposed to be the week I started my "let's move to the highlands, and not wear a kilt" tour.

Instead, I have spent the past week puttering around town -- enjoying the rhythm of life that drew me to Mexico.  Talking with friends.  Sitting.  Thinking.  Reading.  Writing.

The spirit of mañana wraps her seductive arms around me and whispers (in what must be Salma Hayek's voice): "It will be there tomorrow.  Sit.  Relax.  Have something to eat."

And she is correct.

If the Aztecs could not conquer the people around what would become Pátzcuaro, I suspect it will still be there in another week or two.

So, I sit.  Relax. Eat.



Anonymous said...

Kick back, gear down and watch the river flow...a great stress killer formula, by the way, excellent photo of a woman who shares my heritage!

el jubilado said...

Enjoy the good weather. As the heat of summer rolls in the urge for the highlands will increase

calypso said...

Agree with Jubilado - enjoy the warm weather there before it gets hot - then hit the road - that is what you paid for ;-)

1st Mate said...

Good idea. You've been doing an awful lot of gallivanting lately.

Irene said...

You are embracing the religion of Stock Still. Good for you.

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- I have watching down to an art form.

El jubilado -- I can feel the weather starting to change.

Calypso -- Tour time is coming.

1st Mate -- But I am starting to get ready for that trip into the mountains.

Irene -- Given my druthers, I would hunker down in the hammock with a good book.