Saturday, April 24, 2010

spam wars

I have been withholding information from you.

That means that I have been violating a pact between free citizens.

We need information to make the important decisions in our lives.  Without it, we may as well be -- Cuba.

So, let me 'fess up -- as pilot friend from Oklahoma would say.  Because I have some 'splainin' to do.

Apparently the spam generators have discovered a new way to spread their net of knowledge.  They now pose as commenters on blogs.  And from the exotic alphabets and grammar structure, many of them must live in China, Russia, Romania, and India.

And tyrant that I am, I have been simply deleting the comments.

In my more enlightened stage, I have concluded that I am keeping you from buying inexpensive prescription drugs (of unknown provenance).  Investing in Mexican real estate with a guaranteed return of 175% in 16 months (specific numbers always numb the intellect).  Viagra (even in cream form to avoid any claims of sexism).  And pornography (in every imaginable form -- the grease that keeps the internet spinning).

I beg your forgiveness.  After all, I do not need to end up on a lamp post -- like Hugo Chavez's look-alike.

So, if any of you need this valuable information, just let me know.  Because I have the inside scoop on how to get my hands on a cool million dollars merely by handing over my bank account information to --

Well, you get the picture.


Anonymous said...

I mean no disrespect to the good citizens of Hawaii, that said, no spam is good spam....thanks Steve for your efforts.

Tom and Debi said...

ah Steve, such is the price of fame! and what about free enterprise...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for offering to share your spam. However, I must decline your offer. I have an abundance of spam myself. If you should ever run out, I would be willing to supply you with any amount you would like, at no charge.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

Yeah, I try to delete those,some are easier to spot than others.

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- My pleasure to serve.

Tom -- You should have seen the one I got this morning.

Mom -- Thank you for your sharing spirit. Enough I have. You would be shocked your son was even looking at such stuff -- even as a monitor.

Anonymous said...

your 3rd paragraph is so true.

i have a bad cold and haven't felt much like e-mailing, but when i do, i will write about the trip and send pix as well.

we've decided to go on another cruise during the christmas break. it will be our gift to our kids since we haven't had a family vacation since p.v. in dec. 2002. at least on a cruise they can spend a lot of time on their own but we can still enjoy some family time together.

hope you're doing well.


Anonymous said...

My name is Chertoff Igniev Tolofsky, ex-under-secretary of the treasury for Nowhereigstan.

I am in need of help to transfer 1 trillion Korofkies to a Western bank. Exchange rate: 1 US$ = 1,000 Korofkies.

If you would please to send me your bank account number, I will have above amount deposited into your account. When I arrive US, you will transfer 85% of your account to my new US account, keeping 15% of said amount for your trouble.

Because of certain sensitivities, it would be providential for you to keep secret this transactioning.

God Bless you for your beingfulness.


Steve Cotton said...

Theresa -- I swear they are worse since I posted this.

Teresa -- And where will you go?

Steve Cotton said...

ANM -- Be sure to sign me up. :}

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

I have been a Steve Cotton fan for awhile now, but ANM, you are running a very close second!
Maybe someday Steve will spill the beans and tell us who ANM is. . .

Steve Cotton said...

Mexican Trailrunner -- I will talk to him when he returns from New Orleans.

Mic said...

LOL, Steve, the comments you collect are almost as good as your posts.....but thanks for sparing us the spam.

Steve Cotton said...

Mic -- We have a witty lot of commenters in these here parts.