Wednesday, April 07, 2010

where there never was a hole

Coming from the hat,
Studying the hat,
Entering the world of the hat,
Reaching through the world of the hat
Like a window,
Back to this one from that.

So sings Mandy Patinkin as Georges Seurat -- on the joys of creating art.

When I injured my ankle, I was concerned that I could not get out and about to gather up material for the world of the blog.

I needn't have worried.  The material comes to me.

If you look at the photograph at the top of the blog, you will probably assume that you are looking at a truck with its window down.  If so, your eye deceives you.  What you are looking at is a truck with its window up -- with the glass missing.

On Friday evening, my land lady and a friend stopped by to inform me that my rear passenger window had been broken.  She volunteered to pull the truck into the court yard to be certain a thief did not return.

Apparently the thief took only my emergency road kit, two empty CD cases, and the operator's manual.  The manual was in a wallet.  I suspect the thief may have thought it contained something of value.

The thief also tried to pry the radio out -- breaking the electrical connection, but failing to get it out of the dash.

A local glass shop has ordered the window, and it should be replaced this week.  The window was supposed to arrive on Tuesday.  It didn't.

Now, I need to figure out the best way to get the radio repaired.  I suspect that will entail a trip to the Ford dealer in Manzanillo.  There are all sorts of codes that need to be entered once the electrical circuit is interrupted.

Before long, I just may have a new truck -- part by part.

Note: I am heading up to Puerto Vallarta today to have my sutures removed.  That means I will be out of touch for a couple of days.  My dying computer is staying at home.  But I will still post during my absences.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your truck window. Unfortunately, my Karma theory is not fool proof, but then, what is? Enjoy your time in Vallarta.

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- But it is hardly a circumstance that cannot be overcome.

Anonymous said...

The universe is trying to tell you something. Maybe God has other plans for you. You are such a special person he may have something really better suited for you. God will let you know in his time. Hope your foot is healing up fine.

brubor said...

Pack up your troubles and head to the Pacific NW where the liquid sunshine tickles the soul.

Calypso said...

Amigo - you REALLY seem to have a cloud hanging around over your head.

You have lost your wallet, credit cards another time, shattered the heck out of your ankle - and NOW your car is broken in to - yikes!

Consider our area over here - (leave the cloud there).

But seriously - sorry for this added hassle. As you suggest - nothing that can not be overcome.

Steve Cotton said...

Anonymous -- While walking into the hotel, there was water in the lobby. Of course, I slipped, and caught myself on my broken ankle. I am certainly glad I am seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Brubor -- I shall be there soon.

Calypso -- It all sounds far worse than it is. Even so. I will be glad when the clouds part.

Felipe said...

Parking overnight on a public street in Mexico is a bad idea. That the car was broken into is not a surprise. It was simply a question of time. It was inevitable. You´re lucky the whole vehicle did not vanish.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- There is no doubt I have been lucky. Several other cars were hit, as well.