Tuesday, May 04, 2010

dream a little dream for me

I had a dream.

Not the Martin Luther King kind.

More like the Stephen King kind.

I needed to get to work.  My truck was waiting in the courtyard of my Mexican house.  (Apparently, it was going to be a long commute,)

I hopped into the truck.  Started it up.  And lifted my foot to the accelerator.

Of course, it was still in its splint.  (Whoever wrote the screenplay for the dream forgot to tell my right foot of the costume change.)

So, there I sat.  Time was passing as quickly as calendar pages blowing in the wind.  (You know the

I did not bother finishing the dream.  Why waste the brain waves?  I am already living it.

If I had to rely solely on myself, I would be sitting at home waiting for work to come to me.  Instead, I have some great friends who are willing to carry my sorry carcass to and from work.

But some day I will be rid of the splint and I will need my own transportation.

As you already know from my dream, my truck is still in Mexico.  That part is true.  If I am to get around, I will soon need to get a vehicle.

On Sunday I had lunch with my mother.  We ran over some of my options.  I need a replacement for my truck in Mexico.  The transmission is eventually going to go.  Repairing it will cost almost as much as the fair market value of the truck.

What I could do is drive the truck to the border and sell it there.  I would then be free to take another tax-free vehicle to Mexico.  Perhaps, the vehicle I will buy to get around Oregon the next few months.

At some point, this dream needs to have a driving ending.


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

What a situation, did not realize you had to leave your truck in Mexico. Hope it all resolves for the best! LL

Joe S. said...

Adventure= Motorcycle, summer in Oregon!!!! Summer all the time in Mexico.

Brenda said...

Have fun vehicle shopping.

Steve Cotton said...

Linda Lou -- I had decided to leave the truck behind before I broke my ankle. It made little sense to drive it that far north for a 6-month visit. After I broke my ankle, there was no alternative.

Joe -- A motorcycle. I should have thought of that. Calypso has been rhaposodizing about his scooters. Why shouldn't I revert 40 years and start riding again?

Brenda -- Joe may just have solved my problem.

Anonymous said...

I bet you could find a willing person to drive the red truck to the border before you drive the new truck south. That way you would only need to do a one way.

Chrissy y Keith

Steve Cotton said...

Chrissy -- That motorcycle idea is looking better and better.

Charles said...

Steve - you sure the motorcycle is a good idea considering the zip-line catastrophe? A friend says people who ride motorcycles are closet organ donors! Just sayin' -

Brenda said...

Somehow your "proneness" (is that even a word??) for injuring yourself and a motorcycle do not go together in my mind; but then it is your head at stake lol.
Take care.

Laurie said...

Steve,buy something with 4 wheels and iron and steel reinforcements. Big big fenders. Please. We want you to keep blogging.

Chrissy y Keith said...

I vote motorcycle. BMW makes a perfect touring bike for Mexico, but the seat is 31 inches. Too high for me. but if you are over 5"11 it would be a comfortable ride.

Steve Cotton said...

Charles -- Anything worth doing carries big risks.

Brenda -- I suspect I could get hurt eating dinner.

Laurie -- But we also learned I can blog from a hospital bed.

Chrissy -- I was partial to Nortons. But it may be time for a BMW.