Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my right foot

This is not going to to become a blog about my injured ankle.

"Too late," I hear from the lady in the front row.

OK.  I know I have written a bit about this injury.  And I will write more.  After all, it is a Mexican injury.

Today I finally saw an orthopedist in Oregon.  His first step was to remove the splint I have been wearing for the past two months.  With the exception of about 15 minutes when my sutures were removed, that splint has been my constant supporting cast.

I had a hint of what was about to happen.  For the past three weeks, I could catch strong whiffs of what smelled like a dead animal.  And I knew its source.  My right foot.

Sure enough.  When the doctor took off the splint, it smelled as if a cheese factory had blown up.  And not one of those mild Mexican cheeses.  It smelled as if a French boutique operation had suffered an explosive demise. 

You should be happy I chose not to post a photograph of my foot at that time.  The very sight of it would have caused your nose to shut down.

After looking at a few new x-rays, the doctor informed me everything was healing nicely, and declared I was ready to start walking on my right foot -- with the aid of crutches.

His only concern was how long I had worn the splint.  My ankle is "wood" -- stuck in place.  So, I am now looking at 4 weeks of physical therapy.  Of course, physical therapy was always in my future.

But no driving -- yet.  Not until I get a bit more control in my ankle.  Then I can get out on my own.

I have been pleased with the help I have been getting from friends.  But I look forward to getting a bit more independence.

And I know the greatest risk I face -- taking it all too fast.

This is the point I need to remember those lessons in patience I have learned over the past two months.

But, the sooner I can get around, the sooner we can get back to Mexican-related stories.

And we will all be thankful for that.


norm said...

I broke my wrist last June, ten screws, plates, the works. When I started bending it again, I found that soaking the break in warm water for a bit and taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen an hour before working the joint helped with the pain.
A caution: I found that the painkillers that the doctors gave me, masked too much of the pain and I ended up pulling some of the repaired bone apart in rehab. Painkillers work well for bedtime and knocking about but I would avoid them when it is time to work that repaired joint, just because you can hurt yourself and not know it till later and by then the damage is done.

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Good for you, a small step in the right direction.

PT will be good and help to reduce some of the swelling. Are you keeping it up? Does it hurt?

Good luck, Steve, you'll be mobile and independent again soon!

Steve Cotton said...

Norm -- I have not had any painkillers during this recovery. Last night was my first night without the splint. I fel a bit of pain, but nothing that will require medication -- I hope.

Mexican Trailrunner -- I will schedule PT today. The ankle is stiff enough that I will need some encoursagement to move it -- and to figure out how to walk confidently on it.

Tancho said...

What is your shoe size? I'll ship you a set of roller blades for your recovery therapy....
Glad to hear your old bones are mending faster...Old bones are the primary reason I don't buy a motorcycle again...Something I would love to have again, but wisdom needs to prevail at our age! Hint, Hint...

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho -- Roller blades would be kewl! My motorcycle purchase is going to have to wait -- for practical reasons. As you can see in the photograph, my foot is swollen like a balloon. I couldn't get it into a boot if I tried.

Irene said...

I was eating my breakfast when I read about the removal of your splint. The eggs didn't taste so good after that but I am glad you are on the mend. In the spirit of adventure, there is still time to get some snowboarding in at Mt. Hood once the swelling goes down.

Laurie said...

I broke my arm as a child. And I still recall the smell of the untethered arm after the cast was taken away. Please get a pedicure with a nice shade of beige or gold for those toes, as well as a wax job on the leg. Then repost! We would all like to see that.

1st Mate said...

I second the vote for the pedicure. You need to learn to love that right foot. Forget the wax job unless you get one on the other leg too.

Steve Cotton said...

Irene -- Sorry about tainting your breakfast. But you can be glad you were not in the treatment room. Even the doctor had to leave.

Laurie -- I assure you I will get a pedicure and wax job -- just as soon as I sign up to perform in that transvestite show in Melaque. Holding your breath would not be advised -- unless that splint smell returns.

1st Mate -- Right now, the right leg is not loving me. It has swollen up like a balloon.

Islagringo said...

Glad you are on the mend and returning to normal. Now, if we could just convince you to stay off age inappropriate apparatasus (sic).

norm said...

Rule of thumb: never take the advice of some idiot on the internet, if you had followed my advice above, you could have thrown that clot.