Thursday, May 20, 2010

my secret garden

Now and then, I start thinking about my house in Melaque.

During my last month there, this was my view.  From the back patio across the garden to the laguna through the gate. 

I never tired of sitting out there.  The air was warm with a cooling breeze.  And the shade felt refreshing.  I am mystical enough to believe the garden sped the healing process of my right ankle.

My blood pressure had its ups and downs in Mexico.  After my surgery, it had settled to a very healthy level.  When I saw my Oregon physician, two weeks ago, it was still very good.

But this week, at the orthopedist's office, it spiked to a level higher than I have ever seen it.

I am starting to miss the calm of my garden.


Calypso said...

Well there you have it amigo - work is over-rated and you simply had to go back to it - next time make it permanent - do yourself and us a favor - you will be around longer.

Babs said...

If you're on blood pressure medication then you shouldn't be having those "spikes" unless you were in pain, in which case it is understandable.

Stay calm - in your mind, move yourself to that garden when you are stressed. It works, I promise.

Irene said...

Babs is right. MediTation helps and so does a nap at noon, work can wait a few minutes.

Charles said...

Maybe you needed this trip NOB to regain your proper perspective and the reasons for going to Mexico in the first place - just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

It might be helpful to get a blood pressure cuff and take your blood pressure for awhile. It might have been the stress of being at the doctor's office as well as the concern about your foot. It will be much better when you can start walking again as exercise really helps keep the blood pressure down.

Anonymous said...

Go online and google natural ways to keep your blood pressure normal. Lots of great information out there.

Gloria said...

I agree about the meditation, it does work. Think your way back to your hammock, and you'll be there in no time. Take care of yourself Steve. Have a great rest of the week.

Steve Cotton said...

Calypso -- We have figured out the unusual high readings. Immediately prior to both readings, I had been struggling with my crutches because I had a 20-pound bag around my neck. It was the equivalent of measuring blood pressure after a good run. But, your point is well-taken. Work simply adds stress on the body.

Babs -- And we now know why the spikes came -- even with medication.

Irene -- I could really use my daily siesta.

Charles -- It all comes rushing back to me.

Anonymous -- I have a cuff. But it is in Mexico -- along with a lot of things I could not bring with me on this trip.

Anonymous (II?) -- My doctor has put me on a different medication. If all works well, I might be off everything -- but not until I get back to Mexico.

Gloria -- I intend to fly my way back to my hammock -- in just five more months.