Wednesday, May 19, 2010

political blues

This blog attempts to avoid the morass of politics.

Now and then we have ventured into those fevered swamps.  Sometimes by mistake.  Sometimes to slay Rodents of Unusual Size (for you Princess Bride fans.)

Today we will speak of things political without becoming political ourselves.  I hope.

Britain has a new government.  And, if you have been following the news, you know that the first coalition government since the Second World War is now in place.  A Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition.  Blue and yellow.  Perhaps, a bit of oil and water.

One of the best-spoken defenders of the coalition is William Hague, the new First Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary.  He appeared on The News Hour
this week.  Great performance.  Both by William and his interlocutor.

I say William because I have had the honor of knowing him for over twenty years.

In 1989 I was looking at the possibility of working in London for an entertainer.  As part of the job persuasion, my hosts took me to several celebrity venues -- one of them being a popular British talk show.  There were two guests: Jason Donovan (a pop star from Australia, then living in Britain) and a young recently-elected MP -- William Hague.

William and I talked briefly.  But over the next year, we corresponded frequently, and I would dine with him when I was in London.  On one trip, he gave me a very interesting walking tour of Westminster Palace.

He had long been marked as a star within the Conservative Party.  When he was 16, he addressed the Conservative Party conference with a rousing speech.  People knew he was going somewhere.

The somewhere seemed to be happening in 1997 when he was elected leader of the Conservative party in 1997, only to resign following the disastrous election results in 2001.

But he is now back.

Without making any political comments, I will simply congratulate my friend and say:

Job well done.


Anonymous said...

This brings back a memory of the late 1960's when you were heavily involved in politics of the Oregon kind....I seem to recall passing out Packwood brochures for you....

Steve Cotton said...

Mary -- Your memory is correct. 1968. Big campaign. Twenty years before my own run for office. But I have now happily hung up my political warrior shoes.

Tancho said...

For some reason I too was engaged in some of the processes back then....through my eyes it seems to have changed a lot. Or perhaps the eyes were not as focused on how the process worked anyway.
Nice to know you know the nice, hope you can drop him a note and the note will get to him.
I specifically enjoy seeing people succeed especially the ones that common paths have crossed!

1st Mate said...

Always good to have friends in high places. Especially if they're people you can admire and respect.

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho -- I can recall the campaign Mary remembers. We were all so serious then. My view on politics now is a bit more cynical. I think I stole the line from Rob Roy, but all politicians remind me of wolves at lambing. Having said that, it is still interesting to see which paths we cross during our lives.

1st Mate -- And both are true for William. Plus, he has a great wife: Ffiona.