Monday, June 14, 2010

cold comfort

This past weekend was supposed to be a special time for me.

My niece's high school graduation in Bend.

I had been looking forward to it since I came north.  The graduation ceremony was on Saturday evening.  Big party at my brother's place Sunday afternoon.  Enough barbecue to feed multitudes.  Cardiologists on call.

But it did not happen.

The ceremony and party did.  I simply was not there.  Instead, I was home in bed.

A head cold settled in last week -- taking up residence right behind my left eye.  Uninvited.  A squatter.

Because of my Coumadin restrictions, I could not evict it with my usual chemical warfare of massive Nyquil doses and old-fashioned sleep.  Without my reinforcements, the cold settled in bit by bit.  The ensuing headache convinced me that it had brought along its own sofa and armoire.

By Friday night it was obvious I was not going anywhere.  I sounded like a cross between Chill Wills and Bill Clinton.

While my family was celebrating in Bend, I was in bed or on the couch in Salem.

So, I missed the Cotton social event of the season.  But missing the socializing was not the biggest disappointment.  Not being able to celebrate my favorite niece was.

She is quite a pistol.  Kicked off the school bus her first week at grade school for telling the bus driver how to drive.  With a brilliant technological mind.  And the personality of a Lauren Bacall.  Not to mention (even though I just did) being the best Hollandaise sous-chef this side of Normandy. 

Kaitlyn.  Congratulations on your graduation.

Sorry I was not there.  But, I will see you soon.


Tancho said...

Amazing how a zip line adventure turns your life around.
I wonder if there is a word for this kind of fate inception?
Hurry up, and bounce back, I somewhat live my life vicariously through your sagas.

Calypso said...

Your niece certainly has a cotton shine to her - pretty.

Get well soon hombre!

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

She is adorable, but is he old enough to get married????

Poor Steve, you are having health mishaps that won't end! I think when this is all said and done, you will have paid your health dues for 10 years to come.

Congrats to the darling couple.

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

At least you have a good reason for missing one of your daily blogs. I had the same cold about one month ago. My sis just caught one a week ago. It is that time of year. Life is so good again when you get well. So sorry you missed your niece's graduation. It was an awesome weekend in Bend. We think that summer ...just maybe has arrived finally. Take good care of yourself and soon you be back up on your two good feet!

Irene said...

Sorry you had to miss the graduation but there will probably be more than enough video and photos to give you a feel for the celebration. Of course that is no substitute for being there. When you are driving again you can take your niece out for a belated celebration dinner.

Your niece said...

Why hello there uncle,
It's such a pity that you couldn't attend my party. I was there, so of course it was fabulous. Many of my friends were very anxious to meet you after all of the stories that I've told them about you. Unfortunately their dreams remain unfulfilled. We will just have to have another celebration that you can come to and I can make you Eggs Benedict. Sorry to hear that you’re under the weather.
Feel better,
Kaitlyn Cotton

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho -- I suspect my healing ankle and head cold are beyond metaphysial considerations. Thanks for the best wishes.

Calypso -- She is easy on the eyes -- as they used to say in southern Oregon. Maybe they still do.

Mexican Trailrunner -- Marriage is not in the cards right now. That was merely their senior prom getup. (A photograph I have now swapped out for one taken by her grandmother at the graduation ceremony.) He is off to Berkeley. She is off to Oregon State.

Anonymous -- I thought summer was here, as well. Today tells me spring has not released its hold on us.

Irene -- I may owe her more than a dinner.

Kaitlyn -- Good to see you here. Sorry I could not see you there. The head cold is back with a vengeance today. But I will take you up on the eggs benedict offer.