Sunday, June 06, 2010

down and out in e-ville

The internet was down.

That is not a new experience for me. 

My internet in Melaque was prone to taking its own siestas.  It would shut down around 2 in the afternoon and wake up again around 11.  Each day.  It really enjoyed its naps.

But I did not think I would experience a gap in service up north.

I did on Friday night.  I came home to discover the internet had been dead for the full day.

After about an hour on the telephone with a service representative, we concluded the modem was dead.  For once, I was happy to be an equipment renter, and not an owner.

The downside was I could do nothing on Friday.  The cable office had closed.  But i would open in the morning.  Saturday.

And open it was.  We left with a "new" modem in hand.  And with a few quick steps, we were back on line.. 

But there was little joy.  Somewhere in the process of getting back in the electronic queue, I completely forgot what I wanted to write about this weekend.

Instead, I will get some rest.  Perhaps, I will pretend I am my modem is in Melaque.  After a little sleep, it always runs better.

Maybe I will.


Croft said...

Steve, try Windows Live Writer. It is a free MS program that lets you compose and store your Blog off line C/W photos and then post when you are connected. I use it all the time when we are on the road.

Anonymous said...

I have a wireless router that seems to need rest on occasion. It'll run fine for weeks, but after a while, it's very slow to log on my laptop. When this happens, I have to unplug it over night for a few days, and after the "vacation," it perks right up again.


But it beats buying a new one.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where one of the things we fear about a move to Mexico is irregular internet service.

1st Mate said...

I'm always impressed with your faithful daily posts. I don't know how you do it. And you never fail to have something interesting to write about. I'm sure whatever you had in mind will pop back in there, probably in the wee hours of morning. Looking forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Techno-ego-ontogenesis. The first step toward dangerous de-humanization: the human mind's re-presentation of itself to itself through technical metaphor. The little steam-engine that could, until entropy overtook it. Or the hypertensive hydraulic psychology of Freud whose practitioners were little more than third-rate steam-pipe mechanics, seeking ways to reduce dangerous pressure.

And now you, Sir, want to be a modem, translating the mysterious Aeolian harmonies of the universe and presenting them as Delphinian visions to divine the future.

Are you plugged in? Do you have the proper interface? Are you of sufficient speed?

Let us take these meager value-starved metaphors and reduce you down to size.

A shelf at Goodwill, amidst monitors, terminals, and cpu's awaits you, the counterpart of your Father's mansion in heaven, just off Commercial.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

"Where one of the things we fear about a move to Mexico is irregular internet service." - Kim's comment is my fear.

As I prepare to work here in MX for the next month, I am completely dependent on the internet being up. Husband brought all kinds of gadgets to improve my chances.

We will see how it goes ...

Steve Cotton said...

Croft -- Thanks for the tip. I tried Word in the past. But it strips out the formatting when I transferred it. With my short paragraph style, it is more work than it is worth.

Kim -- My wireless router in Mexico is the culprit. But resetting it omly makes it cranky. It needs a good long rest. I have talked to few people who are completely happy with their Mexico internet service -- especially for busines.

1st Mate -- Something always comes along. Check out tomorrow's post.

ANM -- I am the walrus. A living metaphor.

AMM -- May you have a happy internet connection. We wait with bated USBs.